Video Verification for your Business or Home

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Strauss Security

Do you suffer from frequent false alarms? Are you tired of paying for on-site security guards to protect your business? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what is happening when an alarm is triggered, without having to manage it yourself? Video Verification is your solution.

Video alarm verification is one of the most innovative ways to confirm an incident or intruder. Recorded surveillance videos are delivered live, while our central monitoring station visually verifies what caused the triggered alarm from various cameras and dispatches authorities accordingly.

This has been proven as more reliable than previous methods for several reasons: video verification helps reduce unnecessary dispatch alerts while at the same time improving police response time since they will now know the event is in process; it reduces the number of false alarms and the fees that can come with them; it also increases the chance of apprehending whoever is illegally on your property—whether it is your home or your business.

Our Video Verification Process

1. Customize Your Specific Action Steps

We work with each client to determine detailed action steps should a security alarm zone or video analytic be triggered. This helps us understand what is typical for your business or home and what would be considered a threat.

2. Review Alarm Activity

Should an alarm be triggered, the alert will be sent to our 24/7 Customer Care Center. We immediately review the alarm activity and recorded video to decipher whether or not it is a security threat or a potential false alarm.

3. Contact First Responders

If an actionable event is confirmed through the video verification process, our Ambassador will contact First Responders in agreement with the client’s previously documented action steps.

4. Video Access

Recorded video can then be played back and downloaded as needed—whether for you, your business, the police, etc.

Leverage Technology with Event Confirmation

With video verification, you can feel more secure in your home or when managing your business. Let Strauss Security take the weight off your shoulders! We find that video verification benefits our clients in a lot of ways, from increasing security to reducing false alarms, allowing remote access, working on multi-site locations, improving police response times, and increasing apprehensions. It is even compatible with most video systems, meaning you don’t need to install a new security system to start!


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