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Fire Monitoring

Early detection of heat, smoke or fire is the key to limiting losses.

When every second counts, be protected from fire, whether you are at home or away.

Saves Lives and Property

Traditional smoke alarms may activate, but if no one is home or the fire alarm can’t be heard, your family, pets and property are at risk. Monitoring smoke systems ensure that first responders are quickly alerted to an emergency and can arrive on the scene within minutes, even when you’re away.

24-Hour Monitoring

Monitoring smoke systems are triggered the instant there is danger, which is important when you are not at home, or in cases where occupants are not capable of responding to a traditional alarm.

Rapid Response

A fast response to a fire is critical for keeping your family safe and limiting potential property loss from fire, smoke or water damage. As soon as smoke or fire is detected, our monitoring centers will quickly notify your local fire department and send you text or alert on your mobile device.

Added Peace of Mind

Early detection of fire and smoke is the best defense to keep your family and property safe. Our UL Listed Monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center operates 24/7/365 to detect the earliest signs of a fire to your home even in the hours when it is unoccupied.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Protect your family and pets from silent dangers.

Our CO detectors work behind the scenes to protect your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Complete CO Detection

Carbon Monoxide is completely undetectable without an alarm. It is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and poisonous. Having proper detection devices in your home should be of the utmost importance.

Life Saving Technology

Reliable CO detectors uses sensing technology to provide highly accurate and early warning levels in the air. CO sensors report directly to the control panel and alert you of this invisible but deadly gas, while our 24 hour monitoring at SEi’s customer care center alerts emergency services on your behalf.

24/7 Monitoring Protection

Our monitored CO detectors are ALWAYS ON, providing an extra level of protection when you are sleeping or have occupants unable to react in an emergency. If dangerous amounts of CO is detected, an signal will alert our 24-hour monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center, who will alert you and first responders.

Quick Response

An alarm transmission to a central station is vital to ensure help is on the way in minutes rather than hours, even when you’re not home, sleeping, or already suffering from the effects of CO.

Combustible Gas

Protect Your Life and Property from Hazardous Gases and Vapors.

Safeguard your family and home from the dangers of combustible gas.

Critical Safety Solution: Combustible Gas Detection

We remain on the leading edge of gas detection technology by protecting your family from combustible gases in your home, typically natural gas and propane.

Detection Technology

Our combustible gas sensor monitors the percentage of ambient gas in the air, determining if the concentration is rich enough for the mixture to burn. If a high concentration is reached or leaks are detected, monitoring sensors will alert our 24-hour monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center, where you and first responders will be notified.

Fire Prevention

Optimal detector coverage plays a critical role in reducing significant threats. Home fires can easily be caused by natural gas and propane sources.

Avoid Catastrophic Explosions

An errant spark or unattended gas leak can create a catastrophic explosion if not dealt with immediately. Continuous monitoring provides early warning to life-threatening gases.

Water Detection

Peace of mind water damage and flood prevention.

Early water leak detection alerts you to potential water leaks before the issue becomes serious.

Water Leak Detection

Our connected water sensors and valves monitor the water level continuously and will alert you immediately to potential water leaks and seepage caused from broken pipes and backed up drains.

Smart Sensors

The sensors can be installed on the floor or in areas of concern, like under the sink or near the sump pump. If water is detected, the sensors sends a signal to our 24-hour monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center, where you will be notified, and the nearest authorities are alerted to ensure minimal damage.

Prevent Costly Damage

Early leak detection is the key to minimizing expensive water damage caused by leaking faucets, burst pipes and split hoses. Timely alerts that allow you to react quickly, limiting costly damage.

Prevent Mold Growth

Water damage can sneak up on you because it can go undetected one drip at a time, seeping into corners of rooms and carpets, creating an opportunity for mold growth that puts your home’s structural integrity and your family’s health at risk.

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