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Create healthier spaces with built-in access control and occupancy tracking. Manage and secure access points at your business today with Strauss Security Solutions.

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It’s never been easier to install, test and monitor Security.

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Employee Access Point Tracking

Manage who is coming and going with a smarter access method.

A access control system is the first step in protecting your people, property and assets, by tracking and restricting door or gate entry access to a property, building or room to authorized persons.

Set Schedules

Access Control allows you to create specialized access levels, security zones, controlling access to doors, elevators, gates and other points of entry by person, day of week, or time of day.

Grant or Revoke Access at a Moment's Notice

Easily control access throughout your organization. Activate or deactivate cards, assign access levels, create temporary guest access for a vendor, manage users across multiple sites with a single click and assign access by group, facility or other parameter and manage user profiles from a simple interface.

Prevent Duplication of Keys + Hassle Free

No more managing mechanical keys. Simply grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and time-frames. See who goes where and when, and block users on the go. Tracking physical keys requires oversight for organizations that is better spent elsewhere.

End-to-End Security

We’ve worked hard to build a system with layers of security and encryption to outsmart evolving threats. Combine access control with video surveillance and security alarms for a integrated system.

Business Managed Access Control

Complete account management solution.

Support is here! Contact Strauss Security Solutions today to learn how managed control access can be a great support to your business.

Trusted Support

With this access control solution, our trained ambassadors at SEi’s Customer Care Center personally handles all of the management and changes to your account, 24/7; such as adding or deleting an user, changing approved access for an employee or creating temporary access for an employee or vendor.


Our UL Listed Monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center manages your system, tracking and recording every user and access point in your facility, providing detailed activity log reports. Highly trained tech support teams are available when you need them with remote troubleshooting capabilities, 24/7/365.

Save Resources

With managed access control, your system lives in the cloud, so there is no need for costly computer equipment, software maintenance or a dedicated employee to handle the software changes. This frees up employee resources, and provides a solution if the person who uses the software is unavailable.

Customized Access

Take the burden of access control off your hands with customized access cards or badges that will give users easy control access to authorized areas of your facility – with no codes to remember. Access Control solutions extend to showroom display cases, equipment cabinets and storage drawers.

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Modernize your business with employee access point tracking today.

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"Incredibly efficient and professional!"

“Strauss Security has great customer service. If I need help changing my system settings, they are super quick to respond to emails or phone calls. The whole team overwhelming won out in employee competence, professionalism, and helpfulness. Thank you!”

Emily Westergaard

"Strauss treats you right!"

“If you are looking for the best solutions, top security, current and up to date products, bend over backwards customer service and best prices for your business, look no further!”

Kimberly Morford Baeth

Our solutions allow businesses to master their environment.

Business Security

Protect your invest and unify operations with intuitive and effective security management systems.

Video Surveillance

Secure and protect your property and prevent loss with remote view using advanced security camera systems.

Business Automation

Full property and scheduling control with on-the-go smart apps for locks, lighting and temperature control.

Access Control

Manage who is coming and going, set schedules and customize access with key free access control.

Monitoring Services

Complete property monitoring for fire, water, temperature, combustible gas, dashboard and open/close reporting.