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Complete perimeter protection, simplified.

Strauss protects your perimeter by managing purpose-built devices that deters unwanted behavior and keeps your customers, employees and property safe.
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Business Fire Monitoring

Safeguard your property and occupants from disaster.

Peace of mind alone is worth the investment.

Rapid Response

All of the fire alarms are monitored by our UL Listed Monitoring at SEi’s Customer Care Center 24/7/365. Should a fire occur, authorities and you are notified in seconds – meaning you will likely not face total loss of your business.

Code Compliant

Understanding insurance requirements, as well as local codes, are key to proper commercial fire alarm installation services, providing the monitoring protection your facility needs when seconds counts.

Tests and Inspections

We don’t just design, install and monitor fire protection systems, our certified technicians can perform detailed inspections, ensuring complete fire safety codes compliance.

Save Lives and Property

Knowing that your property and assets are properly protected at all times is reassuring, and what could end in disaster is often prevented. Even during the hours when your business is not in operation, specially trained dispatchers for commercial fire systems monitor your property to ensure safety.

Business Water Detection

Limit unexpected expenses with a reliable water leak detection system.

Be alerted to leaks and potentially hazardous conditions before it’s too late.

Smart Sensors

Sensors transmit an alarm notification when touched directly by water to ensure accurate leak detection. Water monitoring sensors can be installed on the floor or in areas of concern, like floor drains, near the sump pump, mechanical rooms with water heater or air conditioners with pans.

Accurate Detection

Each water detectors proactively detects micro-leaks and other vulnerabilities to your properties water supply. If a water leak is detected, the sensors sends a signal to our 24-hour monitoring at SEi’s customer care center, where you and the nearest authorities are alerted to ensure minimal damage.

Prevent Costly Damage

Water detection monitoring provides timely alert recognition of water leaks or seepage caused from broken pipes and backed up drains, minimizing longer-term collateral damage to your property.

Prevent Mold Growth

Quick response also minimizes mold development and other potential long term hazards resulting from even a small amount of water, if gone undetected.

Business temperature Monitoring

Receive instant alerts on critical temperature changes.

Protect walk-in freezers, display racks, and prepared food items around the clock.

Prevent Damage

Know your inventory is always safe with real-time alerts for any temperature threats, such as cooler temperature increasing, someone leaving a door open, or even abnormal motor activity.

Accurate and Reliable

If the sensors detect your inventory falls out of the acceptable temperature range, too high or too low, a signal is sent to our UL Listed Monitoring at SEi’s 24-hour Customer Care Center, where the appropriate parties are notified immediately.

Protect Your Investment

Prevent disasters from occurring by protection your HVAC system with high/low temperature monitoring, that can prevent inventory loss and other unexpected costly expenses like frozen pipes.

Regulatory Compliance

A fully automated remote monitoring system can help you easily achieve regulatory compliance and conform to regulations, to maintain quality control.

Business Combustible Gas Monitoring

Early detection is your best defense.

Monitoring flammable and toxic gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Explosion Protection

The use of a gas monitoring system, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels of gases are detected, can prevent an explosion or can help to prevent worker injury or exposure to toxic gases.

Exceptional Reliability

SEi’s Combustible gas detection monitors the percentage of ambient gas in the air determining if the concentration is rich enough for the mixture to burn.

Superior Detection

Gas monitoring can provide an early indication of a methane or propane leak prior to its entering the general work space where it could endanger worker health. When leaks are detected, your system sends signals to our UL Listed Monitoring at SEi’s 24-hour Customer Care Center, where the nearest authorities are alerted immediately.

Quality Control

Our high quality sensors are engineered to detect gas leakage with high sensitivity and strong adaptive ability for maximum safety to ensure your employees and facility is safe.

Dashboard Monitoring

Real-time dashboards for real-time insights.

Access and update your account anytime, anywhere.

Customer Access Anytime

Real-time visibility, from anywhere, when you need it. Log in with a mobile app for immediate access to a wide variety of information about your account, including account history, alarm/signal history and emergency responders, all updated in real time.

Secure Connection

Safe to use, with access provided through an encrypted, secure connection to ensure that your network communication remains private, reliable, and secure.

Real-Time Updates

Empower your entire team with data insights in real-time. Create and share custom views of your data on the fly, in minutes. Review and update your current contact list, account specific instructions, authorized employees – eliminating the need to notify Strauss for account updates or changes.

Flexible Access

Dashboard provides the ability for authorized users to access to one or multiple accounts, provide different access levels based on login and password, great for multi-location commercial accounts.

Open / Close Reporting

Keep track of all the comings and goings of your business.

Supervised opening and closing reporting goes a step further.

Security Check

Opening and closing reporting helps business owners and managers track who is coming and going, feel at easy knowing their business is open and closed on time everyday, ensure that employees show up on time to work by receiving weekly or monthly activity reports, as well as any unscheduled activity.

Access Remotely

Get remote access to open and close security record logs, giving you assurance on what’s going on in your business. Remotely check that your system was properly opened on time, secured at closing time.

Notification Alerts

Open/Close reporting by SEi’s Customer Care Center sends notification if your business is not opened on time (disarmed), closed on time (armed). If the system is disarmed outside of normal business hours (unauthorized opening), you will receive an immediate notification.

Arm/ Disarm Reports

Our “supervised” level of open/close reports provides real-time monitoring support with a call from SEi if the system is not armed or disarmed according to the set schedule.  At the “reporting” level, the monitoring center sends email reports daily, weekly or monthly detailing each opening/closing event.

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