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Specializing in designer hardware and security safes for residential and commercial properties.

Our full-service showroom features a large selection of secure products and stylish designs for all your updating and remodeling needs. Learn more about the top security brands Strauss Security Solutions provides and visit us today.

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All the top brands, models, and finishes to reflect your style!

Strauss Security provides a full spectrum of residential and commercial designer hardware and safes.
Call us today at 515-276-7030, for service inquiries or questions on our wide range of high quality products from top brand providers.

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Full Service Showroom

Visit our Showroom

Since 1927 Strauss Security Solutions has provided security solutions for residential and commercial properties. We have the only full service showroom in the Des Moines area that is dedicated to finding the right designer hardware and security products to suit your needs. Our full service showroom features a huge selection of residential and commercial hardware and door accessories, master key systems, high security locks, safes, vaults and locksmith services and more!

We encourage you to stop into our showroom today and discuss options that are available with one of our representative specialists. We will be happy to support you by helping you to find the best solution from our top brand providers which fits your needs and budget.


M- F: 8am – 5pm

image of a glass office building
image of a glass office building

Residential Hardware

Architectural hardware that is stylishly designed and built to last.

Strauss Security’s showroom in Urbandale, Iowa has a variety of manufactures to choose from when it comes to designer hardware for your home.
Call us today at 515-276-7030 or visit our showroom to learn more about our large selection of styles, finishes and models for all your updating and remodeling needs.

image of a glass office building
image of a glass office building

Designer Residential Hardware

Home Door Hardware

Add new style to your doors with designer hardware. Adding new hardware is a simple and dynamic way to finish your remodel or to give your home a new look.  Strauss carries a wide selection of residential door hardware including: handles, pulls, hinges and kick plates.

Home Door Accessories

Strauss offers many different accessories for the doors in your home including, door knockers, door viewers, door stops, mail slots and address numbers. Stop by our showroom to see the accessories that will not only improve your security but also increase curb appeal.

Cabinet Hardware

Finish your cabinets with designer cabinetry hardware. Strauss Security has all of the top design cabinet hardware you have been dreaming of, from simple knobs and handles to custom pulls. Offering a variety of styles and finishes to fit any residential application, perfect for remodels and new construction.

Bath Hardware

Give your bathroom a refresh with our stylish tissue holders, towel holders and cabinet hardware. A Strauss sales representative can help measure and recommend hardware to suit the needs of your new or remodeled space.

Residential Safes

High quality safes from top security brands.

Safes are an important component in your home security. Know your precious belongings are protected in the unfortunate event of a fire or burglary.
Strauss offers many sizes to suit your needs – from wall safes to vault doors. We also offer gun and pistol safes to protect your firearms.

Call Strauss today at 515-276-7030 or visit our showroom to find the perfect safe to fit your home security needs.

image of a glass office building
image of a glass office building

High Quality Residential Safes

High Security Safes

Maximize protection of your home’s important assets that is resistant against pry attacks with a high security safe. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs – from wall safes to vault doors.

Gun Safes

Strauss Security Solutions offers a full line of gun safes featuring DryLight technology, an advanced poured concrete insulation material that eliminates the use of gypsum board providing a dry and seamless barrier protects valuables against intense fires and burglary attacks.

Fire Safes

Protect your important documents and assets with a UL Listed impact fire safe. These ultra durable safes can withstand up to two hours of fire exposure and up to a 30 foot drop. Fire safes are the best way to assure your possessions remain safe in case of an emergency.

Pistol Safes

Protect your pistols and your family with a Biometric Pistol Safe. Store your valuables and pistols in an innovative safe that uses the latest biometrics technology using fingerprinting instead of traditional locking mechanisms to provide foolproof security and convenient access.

Mailbox Lock Boxes

These lock boxes are inserted into your mailbox. Your mailman will still have the same access they did before, but the lock box makes it extremely challenging to retrieve your mail from without the proper key.

Electric Lock Box

Electronic lock boxes ensure that you will always have access to the key as long as you have the programmable code. The box will notify you when the battery is getting low and needs to be changed, saving you the hassle of having to check on it. Great for vacation rental properties, with the ability to program codes to expire after a certain amount of time.

Commercial Hardware

Extensive selection of commercial interior door hardware.

Strauss Security has everything you could possibly need to keep your doors secure including closers, hinges, panic bars, power openers and more. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can survey your project and recommend proper hardware for all of your door openings.

Call us at  515-276-7030 or visit our showroom today when you need commercial hardware.

image of a glass office building
image of a glass office building
image of a glass office building

High Security Locks

As a Medeco Security Center we provide the highest quality components to meet and exceed quality and high security standards.

Commercial Opener / Closers

We not only offer power door openers and closers, we can service and repair broken ones. Door closures are a great solution to higher traffic doors.

Commercial Door Knobs / Levers

Switch up the look of your office with new knobs and levers on your doors. Let Strauss help you choose the grade to handle your needs.

Master Key Systems

Try a master key to allow yourself access to every part of the building with one simple key.

ADA Approved Door Hardware

ADA Approved hardware for your needs and requirements.

Exit Devices / Panic Bars

Add an exit device or panic bar to an emergency exit door to meet fire code requirements.

Commercial Safes

Protecting Businesses since 1927.

For over 90 years Strauss has been providing total security solutions for offices and commercial properties in every industry, everyday. As your loss prevention and security partner, we offer a vast line of commercial safes for all of your security needs. Visit our showroom to view our extensive selection today.

Call us at  515-276-7030 for a free estimate or visit our showroom to find the perfect safe to protect your assets.

Commercial High Security Safes

Ensure you do not lose what you have worked so hard to gain. Safes provide peace of mind by protecting your valuable items against theft.

Commercial Fire Safes

Fire endurance protection for documents, records and valuables safeguards your business when the unexpected happens.

Commercial Drop / Deposit Safes

Keep your businesses checks and cash safe by putting your deposits into a depository safe or drop-box safe when you leave the office each day.

Call 515-276-7030 today for a FREE quote on our designer hardware and safes for your home or business or fill out the form to get started now.

Contact us so we can recommend the right style hardware or safe to suit your needs.

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