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Light Control

Lighting exactly how you like it.

Home automation with smart lighting control not only makes life more convenient, it also can maximize efficiency and overall energy consumption throughout your space and enhance home security.

Mobile Control

Whether you are at home or at work, easily turn the lights on or off anytime from your mobile device to create a comfortable atmosphere that supports your activities throughout the day.

Set Schedules

Take advantage of features such as time of day coordination, scheduling lighting based on your daily schedule and travels so your family always comes back to a well-lit home.

Energy Efficient

Set lighting controls to turn off when no one is in the room, or to shut off after a period of inactivity to save energy by using light only when and where it is needed for smart energy savings.

Improved Safety and Security

Set sensors to turn on lights when doors are open or if your security systems detects a possible intruder or have light settings alternate while you’re away on vacation to deter burglars.

Lock Control

Complete control over all the entry points to your home.

Seamlessly integrate smart door locks with your home automation + security system and know who’s coming in and out.

Smarter Access

Upgrade your existing deadbolt into a smart lock, providing convenient keyless lock/unlock access to your home that uses your smartphone to control your locks from anywhere.

Access Control

Easily manage who can enter your home and when. Set door access codes for individual family members, house guests and service professionals. Smart lock tracks codes to keep you informed about who is in your house at any given time, such as when the kids come home from school.

One-Touch Control

Lock or unlock your entry door remotely anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your mobile device. Simply call up the app and lock or unlock your doors – at home and away.

Alerts and Notifications

Your smart lock is a proactive defense against unlawful entry, triggering an immediate notification text or email alert to you when any door is open, allowing you to monitor all access remotely.

Thermostat / Temperature Control

Create the perfect climate and take control of your energy use.

Make it easy to save on energy, yet keep your family comfortable, add a Smart Thermometer to your home automation system that tracks energy usage across your home and optimizes for the right temperature.

Precision Comfort

Adjust or change your thermostat settings anytime from anywhere. Smart thermometers allow you to control your thermostats remotely, by adjusting the temperature directly from your smartphone.

Customized Schedules

Set ideal temperature setting customized schedules, so you are heating and cooling your home only when needed and you always come home to a comfortable environment.

Measurable Results

Schedule automatic adjustments of heating/cooling to save money on energy costs. Get insights into your energy use and see where you’re consuming most, so you can make changes make a impact.

Complete Control

Monitoring your temperature settings while you’re at work or home with direct access to sensors that can be controlled remotely by adjusting the temperature directly from your smartphone. 

Garage Door

Enhance your visibility and control over your garage door.

Never again wonder whether you closed the garage door!

Secure Access

Easily grant access to family members, house guests, delivery personnel and home service providers through your mobile device. Get notified if any unauthorized entry is reported.

Open/Close Remotely

Open or close the garage door remotely through the app. Easily set up rules to close the garage door automatically when your system is armed.

Monitored Entry

With the Smart Garage Control, you can easily monitor who’s accessing your garage and get a text alert when the garage door is opened.

Status Updates

Check to see if your garage door is closed no matter where you are. Get reminder alerts if the garage door is left open for a certain period of time and close it remotely if you left it open.

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"Go here first!"

“Strauss had been a primary security resource in Des Moines for 20+ years because of their professional service!”

Bryan Welch

"Excellent service and professional installs!"

“I want to thank Strauss Security for going above and beyond for us! I have used Strauss for 8 plus years at both my home and my business. We built a new house and had a very complete install done with cameras and all the bells and whistles and we are very happy! Also, we have never been broken into at home or our business because people know we have security!”

Larry Ball Jr.

Providing a sense of security whether you’re home or away.

Home Security

Monitor your home anytime, anywhere with customized security systems, wireless/wired options, motion detection, 24/7 monitoring.

Video Surveillance

Secure and protect your property with advanced security camera systems, video/audio doorbell, IP/HP Digital, Wireless/WiFi options.

Home Automation

Power your lifestyle with on-the-go mobile control smart apps for locks, lighting, temperature control, garage door control and more.

Life Safety

Life saving fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, combustible gas monitoring and water detection monitoring – 24/7 reliable coverage.

Medical Alert

Our personal medical alert systems allow those that need additional support to remain independent with 24/7 protection and peace of mind.