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Strauss Security Solutions is your complete and trusted residential and commercial locksmith. We provide a full spectrum of locksmith services for your home and business including lock repair, installing deadbolts, rekeying locks, lockout service, high security master key systems and more! 

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Lock Repair and Replacement 

Upgrade your existing locks.

Have a broken, old or rusted lock? Like any other part of the residence, the locks get worn down over time. Not only does this make them less effective at preventing break-ins, but it’ll also make it more difficult for you to get into your property and lock it up when leaving. Is your doorknob starting to show it’s age with turning but the bolt doesn’t engage? This can be a sign the internal metal components are wearing out and the locks need to be replaced. Our highly trained technicians provide a full spectrum of locksmith repairs, replacement and installation services for your home or business, from door locks, hardware and deadbolts to electronic locks and safes. 

Call a locksmith today at 515-276-7030 for all your lock repair, replacement and installation needs.

Broken Locks, Knobs or Deadbolts

Sometimes keys can break in locks, or door hardware can become old or degraded. Our qualified locksmith experts can repair or replace your damaged or outdated lock equipment or install a more effective system for your home or business.

Deadbolt Repair and Installation

It’s imperative that your residence is equipped with a strong and secure deadbolt, especially if you are worried that you have too many keys in the wrong hands. Ensure your property is secure with a high-quality deadbolt system or necessary repair.

Door Hardware Repair, Replacement or Installation

Broken door knobs, levers or other door hardware needing repair? Strauss repairs, replaces and installs a wide selection of door hardware including; door knobs, handles, hinges, door levers, knockers, door stops, kickplates and more!

Electronic Locks

We also provide electric lock repair, replacement or installation services. Electronic locks and are an extremely convenient way to take your security to the next level. Contact us to learn if installing a secure electronic lock system is a good fit for you.

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Re-Key Services

High quality and efficient lock re-keying.

Lost or Stolen keys? Just bought a new home and don’t know how many people may have a key? Looking to update the security of your business? Give us a call and we can come out and rekey the locks to insure the old keys will no longer work and provide you with a new set of keys. The process of lock rekeying involves the readjustment of a locking mechanism to match its functionality to a different key. This service solution is popular for business and homeowners as it allows for enhanced security against earlier owners of the property while staying cost-effective using the existing locking system. Whether you decide on a system replacement or re-keying service, we are proud to be your reliable, local choice for all your locksmith service needs. 

Call a locksmith today at  515-276-7030 if you need new keys for an existing lock or want to know if your locks can be rekeyed.

Residential Re-Key Special! 4 Locks for only $89!

Right now at Strauss we will re-key up to four locks in your home for $89*. If you need more locks re-keyed you can add additional locks for just $9 per lock. Offer comes with 2 keys, additional keys are $3.50. Contact us today to find out more and take advantage of this awesome special. *Must have working keys to locks and other conditions may apply.

Benefits to rekeying your locks:

Improved Security

Moving into a new commercial property? Lived in your current home for years, but never changed the locks? Rekeying your locks will ensure that you know exactly who has access to your property and increase its overall security.

Set up a Master Key System

Wish all the locks used the same key? Having all your door locks rekeyed gives you the chance to have one master key made. We can provide you with one key that gives you access to all the locks and means you don’t have to manage numerous keys.

Peace of mind for lost or unknown keys made

Not sure who all has a key to your property? Rekeying means that only the people currently living in your home have the keys to access it. This provides peace of mind knowing no one can use a lost key to get into your residence.

Cost Effective Solution

Replacing all the locks when you lose your key or move to a new home can be expensive and time-consuming. Rekeying is a more affordable option than lock replacement, especially if you have a lot of locks that need to be changed.

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Duplicate Keys

High quality key duplication you can trust.

Need extra keys made for your house or business? Just about everyone will need a key copied at some point, and it is always best to have it done before you need it. If you lose your keys, it is much more difficult to rekey your existing lock than it is to copy your keys in the first place. 

A spare allows you immediate access to your home and give you time to perhaps find your keys. Even if you don’t plan on using your new key right away, it will be the perfect backup in case anything happens to your current key. With a large selection of keys available, we can duplicate just about any type of key. 

Call our locksmith at 515-276-7030 to make sure you are never without your keys when you need them.

Advantages to keeping a spare key:

Extend Key Life

Having a spare key to use alternately with your master key is the best way to avoid your keys from breaking thus preventing lockouts.

Prevent Accidental Lockouts

Lockouts can happen to anyone and at best they are frustrating, so it is best to be prepared for an accidental lockout before one even occurs.

Spares Are Cost Effective

It is more cost-effective to keep spares accessible if you forget the primary, avoiding fees incurred with having to call a Locksmith to gain access.

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High Security Keys and Locks

Manage access without worry of unauthorized key duplication.

We can incorporate Medeco high security keys into a patented key control system which makes it virtually impossible for someone to duplicate a commercial or residential key without proper permission. By preventing duplication, a patented key control system is a great way to gain high security control over your business or property. For an even greater level of security, we have high security cylinders, locks, deadbolts, knobs and levers and even large format interchangeable cores that are drill and pick resistant.

Interested in incorporating a Medeco high security patented key control system in your business or property?

Contact our locksmiths at  515-276-7030  for a custom designed system that meets your needs and specifications.

Medeco high security key and locks available:

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Locked Out Service

Efficient and effective rapid response to lockouts.

Locked out of your home, office or car? Lose your house key? We can help! Our locksmiths have all the needed mobile tools to jump in and handle any lockout situation. As a provider with experience, we recognize that you want reliable and secure service. That is why we take pride is cultivating a reputation for providing extremely fast response times.

At Strauss Security Solutions, we are proud to be your local choice for your locksmith service needs. Our locksmiths are prepared to assist you with all your emergency locksmith needs until 9 p.m. – and get you on your way!

Locked out of your home, office or car? Contact us at 515-276-7030 for lockout service assistance.

Lock out services include:

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Mark Nielson

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“Stopped out with a lock assembly for a very old Sentry fire file safe. Could not find anything online on how to fix it or get parts. Ten minutes out at Strauss and I had a new set of keys and the lock was fixed and ready to reinstall. Reasonable price for repair.”

Ron Kenner