Spruce Up Your Home This Spring With Strauss

by | May 4, 2021 | Strauss Security

Spring is a great time to update the hardware and security on your house. With spring comes new beginnings, and what is a better way to begin this season with making sure your home and family are safe with a whole home rekey or lock upgrade from Strauss Security Solutions, securing families and businesses in Des Moines, Iowa metro area. 

As a full-service security and locksmith company, Strauss has a commitment to quality and excellence. Technology changes at a rapid rate, it is important for us to stay on top of the latest and greatest to keep you safe, secure, and connected. 

Lock Re-Keying 

One of the most important things to do when you move into a new house is change the locks. There are so many people who have copies of the keys in the selling process, it is nice to make sure that your home is secure with keys only you have. Strauss Security Systems can come out and rekey the locks to ensure the old keys will no longer work and provide you with a new set of keys that only you have. 

The process of lock rekeying involves the readjustment of a locking mechanism to match its functionality to a different key. This service solution is popular for homeowners as it allows for enhanced security against earlier owners of the property while staying cost-effective using the existing locks. You can choose what keys work in your house and who has access to them. Re-keying your locks gives you peace of mind while staying within your budget. 

High-Security Keys and Locks

If re-keying isn’t right for you and you’re looking to invest in a new lock system for your home, Strauss Security Solutions can make sure you and your family stay safe with a new Medeco high-security key. This is a patented key control system that makes it virtually impossible for someone to duplicate a commercial or residential key without proper permission. For an even greater level of security, Strauss Security Solutions have high-security cylinders, locks, deadbolts, knobs and levers, and even large format interchangeable cores that are drill and pick resistant. 

Once you have decided what kind of new lock would work best for you, you can head over to our hardware showroom to pick out a style that compliments your home. Add new style to your doors with designer hardware. Adding new hardware is a simple and dynamic way to finish your remodel or to give your home a new look.  Strauss carries a wide selection of residential door hardware including handles, pulls, hinges, and kick plates. This architectural hardware is built to last. 

Contact Strauss Security Today!

Whether you decide on a system replacement or re-keying service, Strauss Security Systems are proud to be your reliable, local choice for all your locksmith service needs.

Contact our locksmiths at  515-276-7030  for a custom-designed system that meets your needs and specifications.

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