Safety and Security Tips for First Time Homebuyers

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Strauss Security

The process of buying a house is exciting but also stressful. There are so many things to consider, and it can seem overwhelming at times. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you make the transition from renter to a homeowner as seamless as possible with these quick home security tips for new homeowners.

Here are some of the very first things we recommend doing upon purchasing a new home so that you minimize your risk.

Re-Key Exterior Door Locks

Not sure who all has a key to your property? Rekeying your locks will ensure that you know exactly who has access to your property and increase its overall security. This provides peace of mind knowing no one can use a lost key to get into your residence.

Meet Your Neighbors

Take time to get acquainted with the neighbors. It’s important because you’ll be living in close proximity for a long period of time, so it helps if both parties can find peace with one another from the beginning. Meeting them will not only make things more enjoyable but also safer since they’re likely keeping watch on your property as well!

Consider Smart Landscaping Changes

Certain landscaping and yard features can make a home an attractive target for burglars. High shrubbery beneath windows, for example, provides potential intruders with the perfect place to hide while they scope out your property. Exterior bushes should be trimmed well below window height so that there is no convenient hiding spot anywhere near them. Plant thorn-bearing plants in your garden and add motion sensor lights to get burglar protection without much effort.

Don’t Advertise Large Purchases

Moving into your first home often means buying items for your new place. Refrain from placing boxes of high-ticket items like TVs, electronics, and appliances on your curb for the whole neighborhood to see! Break down your boxes, recycle them, and be sure to keep unpacked items in a safe space as you get settled.

Install a Monitored Home Security System

A monitored home security system is a great way to keep your belongings and loved ones safe. The homeowner can arm the alarm when they are away from their property, which will alert police if someone tries to break in without permission. They also have the option of arming it while at home so that an intruder cannot enter unnoticed. Best of all? You can monitor everything inside and outside through its app right off of any smartphone device.

Invest in a High-Quality Safe

Safes are a great way to keep your valuables safe and secure in the event of fire or burglary. Strauss offers many sizes for every home’s needs – from wall safes that fit on any shelf, to vault doors with reinforced steel. In addition, we have gun safes available so you can protect your firearms.

Use Surveillance Cameras for Additional Safety

With video surveillance, you always know what’s happening at home. Strauss offers a wide range of solutions that give the optimum protection for your house, from cameras to digital video recorders and video doorbells, to keep an eye on things no matter where you are. View live or pre-recorded video feeds, to keep an eye on your kids, pets, and service workers accessing your home in real-time!

Get the Protection You Want and the Experience You Need

Strauss Security puts the safety and security of the people and buildings we protect at the highest priority.  With over 90 years in the security business under our belt, it’s safe to say we know how to keep you safe!

Contact us today for rekeying, high-security keys, home security, residential safes, and more!


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