Get a Good Lock on Gifts This Holiday Season

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Strauss Security

Ah, it’s that time of year again – the time to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life. If you are like me, you don’t want your gift to end up in the re-gift pile. Giving meaningful and also useful gifts can be a challenge. But there is an item that you may have never considered: a safe.

Safes are one of those things that many intend to purchase but never do. What a better way to show someone you care about what matters to them than gifting an item to protect material possessions that cannot be replaced? At Strauss we have many types of safes that would make excellent gifts this holiday season.

Fire Safes

What is the first thing you would grab in the event of a fire? Why not keep that in a safe instead of having to remember to grab it in an emergency? Many think that only the very well off have safes to protect their valuable possessions. But something to consider is where your important papers such as birth certificates, social security cards, and passports are kept.  

You can protect your important documents one of our UL Listed impact fire safes. These ultra durable safes can withstand up to two hours of fire exposure and up to a 30 foot drop. Fire safes are the best way to assure your possessions remain safe in case of an emergency.

Gun Safes

If hunting is big in your loved one’s life, then you’ll want to check out these gun safes that Strauss has available. Strauss offers a full line of gun safes that include DryLight Technology. It’s an advanced poured concrete insulation material that eliminates the use of gypsum board and provides a dry and seamless barrier to protect valuables against intense fires and burglary attacks.

Our gun safes can store multiple guns, come in multiple colors, and offer different types of thick steel plate doors. When you get one of our gun safes, you’re getting a safe that will protect your guns in the instance of a break in.

Mailbox Lock Boxes

Keep those gift deliveries and holiday cards safe in a mailbox lock box. While keeping your mail safe and secure, your mail delivery person will not know the difference – they will still be to put your mail in the box. However, because it’s a lock box, it will be extremely challenging to retrieve your mail without the proper key.

Electric Lock Boxes

Have valuable possessions to secure in your home? Another option would be an electric lock box. Electronic lock boxes use programmable codes for access, so you don’t have to keep track of a key. You also have the ability to program codes to expire after a certain amount of time which makes a great option for vacation rental properties. This box runs on batteries but don’t worry – the box will notify you when the battery is getting low and needs to be changed, saving you the hassle of having to check on it.

Whatever your need, you can find it in our full-service showroom. The only one of it’s kind in Des Moines, we feature a vast selection of hardware and door accessories, master key systems, high security locks, safes, vaults and locksmith services. Stop in today and let’s discuss your options. We will be happy to support you by helping you to find the best solution from our top brand providers which fits your needs and budget. This holiday season, give the gift of security with a safe from Strauss Security Solutions.

Check out some of the safes currently in our showroom! 

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