Conducting A Business Security Review

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Strauss Security

When was the last time your business conducted a security view? Have you remodeled since then? Had growth or turnover? Problems with theft? Are you offering new products or services that need additional protection? What are the crucial areas within your business that need protecting? Should you be tracking the number of customers in the building? Or monitor staff both inside and out?

These are the types of questions a business should ask at least once a year. Whether your frequent with your security reviews or you’ve never had one, it’s important to keep tabs on how your business changes each year and adjust your security accordingly.

If you are failing to review your business’ security, it is more than likely there are gaps. At Strauss Security Solutions, our goal is to fill these gaps by giving you answers to your business security questions and make sure your assets, employees, and customers are all safe and secure.

A key component in the security of your business is conducting a security review. But how does one review their security? Where do you begin? We’re here to walk you through the process.

Evaluating Your Company’s Security

The first thing to consider when moving into a new commercial building is who had access beforehand. It can be difficult to know who was given a key, so our best advice is to always change the locks.

Strauss provides a number of solutions for those looking to update their locks and keys, from lock replacement to high-security locks and keys. The safest, and easiest to manage solution may be upgrading to business access control. An access control system is the first step in protecting your people, property, and assets, by tracking and restricting door or gate entry access to a property, building, or room to authorized persons. If the building already has a security system equipped with access control, Strauss can also update and switch the existing system over to our professional monitoring with little to no costs, depending on the equipment.

Second, you’ll want to create written security procedures that cover a range of security risks and how you’ll respond. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Access control – keycard assignment and retrieval
  • Physical incident response
  • Termination procedures
  • Fire/emergency response procedures
  • Key control and key management procedures
  • Personal security policies
  • Cyber incident response

Next, consider any compliance adherences the business will need based on insurance. For example, banking, jewelry, and medical labs all require checks and balances on the premises to make sure the business is insurable, and employees are protected. These may include a security system or surveillance cameras to be present, working, and monitored, and Strauss can help your company adhere to these.

Then, thoroughly consider your unique needs, whether it is based on industry, location, business structure, etc. Custom security solutions may include things like:

  • Adding a panic or duress button
  • Higher security rooms for valuables, IT rooms, HR rooms with records, etc. Any instance where confidential information needs extra security or protection.
  • Safes and/or locked cabinets for files, key drops, or payments received.
  • Creating partitions so certain rooms such as an office can stay locked during scheduled times. For example, employees may need access to the warehouse on the weekends, but the main office can remain locked.
  • Location-based security. Perhaps the back door needs additional security because it faces an ally that is poorly lit and low trafficked.
  • Additional security due to poorly monitored neighboring businesses. Such as, if your business is located within a strip mall, accessing your building may be easier by going through a neighboring business with weaker security. Consider all your weak spots and adjust your security accordingly.

Lastly, evaluate how the business will be protected down the road. Consider future changes your company may make and don’t be afraid to look into the future a bit. Business security is ever-evolving and being proactive does nothing but benefit your company.

Trust Strauss to Evaluate Your Business Security Needs

Strauss has solutions to your security problems, and we want to help. For businesses that need a security system, we design customized solutions that fit both the business and the owners. If the building has a preexisting system, we can help investigate and educate the new business owner so they can make an educated decision on if it makes sense for their business.

We also offer free one-time security reviews for those interested in learning more about their business’ security and its weaknesses. We can even offer yearly, billable security audits!

We help businesses protect and enhance the world around them. Call us today at 515-276-7030, to learn how Strauss can protect your employees and valuable assets.


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