10 Reasons to Invest in Home Security

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Strauss Security

For years you have known Strauss as your local Des Moines locksmith, providing you with high-security locks, keys, hardware, safes, and more. However, our recent partnership with Security Equipment Inc. has expanded our offerings to provide you with even more safety and security for your home and family.

If you have ever wondered, “is a home security system really worth it?” we want to provide you with answers. Here are 10 reasons why every homeowner should invest in a home security system.

Benefits of Home Security from Strauss

1. Protect and Secure Your Home

The #1 reason for a home security system is for safety and security. The odds of your house being burglarized without a home security system are 1 in 3. The odds of your home getting burglarized with a professionally monitored security system are 1 in 250. With wireless surveillance cameras, signage, video doorbells, door alarms, and more, a security system for your house protects you, your family, and all of your belongings.

2. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

When seconds are critical, having monitored alarms for fire, CO, and combustible gas can keep you protected. Having these systems professionally monitored by SEi’s UL listed monitoring center means that they can alert you and call 911 while you get to safety. Monitored alarms are especially important in cases where occupants are not at home, or capable of responding appropriately to a traditional alarm. Meaning the elderly, people with disabilities, children, and pets can all be rescued in time.

Strauss also provides temperature monitoring and water detection for situations such as a burst pipe, flooding, or extreme weather.

3. Smart Home Capabilities & Convenience

Home automation gives you the capabilities to remotely control your locks, lights, garage doors, and temperature. A smart lock with keyless access means you can always be sure the house is locked, and you can unlock it for someone else when you are away. Paired with a video doorbell, you can always know who is at your front door and let in a family member or friend with ease.

You can also set schedules for your lights to turn on after sunset, for improved safety and security. If you have ever left the garage door open on accident, you will now have the ability to check it and close it from anywhere. In addition, controlling your thermostat will not only save energy and money (as we will mention below) it can also protect you from things such as frozen pipes due to an unexpected winter storm while you are out of town. All this convenience puts you at the forefront of our smart home design!

4. Mobile Solutions

Everything we have mentioned, from surveillance cameras to video doorbells, arming and disarming your system, controlling locks, lights, temperature, and more is all at the tip of your fingers with our mobile inTouch solutions.

We keep you connected to your home, either via high-speed internet or mobile phone, giving you the ability to monitor and control your home with the push of a button. You can also set up text and email alerts when someone accesses your home or a door is opened, so you always know what is going on!

5. Save Energy

With our smart lights and temperature control, home automation makes it easy to save energy throughout your house. Lighting controls can be set to turn on when an alarm is detected, or when the system is disarmed, then shut off after a period of inactivity. In addition, monitoring your temperature settings while you are at work or on vacations easy and convenient with direct access to sensors that can be controlled remotely.

6. Save Money

Not only can you save money on your utilities, but you can also save money on your home insurance! When you own a home, homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. It is important to note that most insurance companies will provide a large discount to homeowners who have a home security system professionally installed.

7. 24/7 Professionally Monitored

Monitored security systems take your home security to the next level of safety. When something unexpected happens, such as a house fire or an attempted burglary, we have trained professionals on your side to help guide you. We can contact the police, ambulance, or nearest fire station to help you at a moment’s notice. We can also provide pertinent information to the authorities, such as how many pets are in the home, to ensure everyone is safe.

8. Medical Assistance

Many homeowners, especially those who live alone or are older, may have concerns about personal medical conditions. A home security system can be equipped with emergency pulls, medical alert buttons, and fall detection protection that can be used in case of emergency. A live, highly trained operator will get you the help you need and call your emergency contacts. Even if you are unable to speak, our operators follow non-verbal protocols to ensure immediate assistance.

9. Connected Services

Managing all your home devices from one place is not only smart but also super convenient! Using Strauss for all your home security needs gives you the ability to log in from anywhere to view live or pre-recorded video feeds and monitor your home. It provides you with our InTouch solutions so you can control locks, lights, temperature, garage doors, and more. Most of all, it gives you the convenience of having one provider to help you with all your home security needs. There will no longer be a need to call different providers, or look through separate owners’ manuals, or have confusion around who to call. We are always here to answer all your questions or concerns while making things easy and accessible to use.

10. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind often gets overlooked, but it is a huge advantage to a home security system. From knowing you are protected, or when your kids get home from school, that your pet is sleeping soundly on the couch, or that all your front door interactions are being monitored, having that peace of mind is something no one should take for granted. Plus, our company and our employees always put your safety and your needs at the top of our list.

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