Why You Need an Alarm System for Your Home

Alarm systems tend to be a luxury item in many neighborhoods. Unless crime is already a problem many families choose to not utilize an alarm system in hopes of saving a few bucks. Yet, this type of thinking is illogical. In most areas, a small monthly fee is all that is charged to you once an alarm system is installed. This provides you with a multitude of benefits including sleeping easy at night knowing your family is safe. While you may think your neighborhood is safe, statistics don’t lie. According to Alarm System Report, over 2 million home burglaries are reported in the United States each year. This equates to one burglary of a home in the U.S. every 13 seconds-or about four burglaries a minute, 240 an hour, and nearly 6,000 a day. In order to ensure your home is protected, you need to install an alarm system. Here’s why:

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Deters Crime

The number one reason you need to install an alarm system in your home is to deter crime. It has been proven that installing a security system in your home will reduce burglary rates by a significant percentage. This is due to a few factors. First, the signage stating you have an alarm system install in your front yard will deter most criminals. Then, your alarm will sound if someone forces entry. This eliminates a criminal having any time to lace your place.

Most Needed Neighborhoods

Before you install an alarm system in your home, you need to consider a number of factors. From the size of your home to your location to your income many factors need to be considered before installing anything. Still, the houses that most need an alarm system are often overlooked. Just because you live in a large house in a quaint and safe neighborhood doesn’t mean you are not a target. It is better to be prepared when a criminal decides to visit your neighborhood than to be the one house on the block not prepared.


Once installed, an alarm system is a small monthly expense. There is always an alarm system to fit your needs and budget. Look around and decide what you need. Then figure out who has what you want at a price within your budget. There is an alarm system in your budget.

Keeps your Family Safe

The main reason to install an alarm system is to keep your family safe. Our world is changing rapidly and you never know when someone may try to change yours. You need to protect yourself from an attack on your property, an attack that could hurt your family. The easiest way to do so is by installing an alarm system in your home.

Cheaper Insurance

A small benefit, but a benefit nonetheless. By installing a residential alarm system, you will receive a break on your insurance. Depending on the system and your insurance provider you can save up to 20%.

Peace of Mind

By installing an alarm system in your home you can provide yourself with peace of mind. You’ll know your home is protected when you are away. You will know your home is protected when you are asleep. You will know your home is protected when you leave the kids alone for an hour to get some away time. This peace of mind is refreshing and relaxing.

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