What to Keep in Your Des Moines Area Safe

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You have finally made the decision to purchase a safe for your home. Great! You stop by our showroom at Strauss Security Solutions and let our qualified staff help you select the perfect safe to fit your needs. Even better! Whether you choose a home high security safe or a fire safe, you have made a good choice. After getting your safe home and setting it up in the perfect spot the next step is to put some of your belongings in it. But what should you put in your new safe?

What to store in your new Strauss Security Solutions safe

Everyone has different priorities, so what you choose to put in your safe is completely up to you. Below are some items that you might find helpful to keep in your residential safe.

  • Social Security cards for all family members. If a social security card gets lost or stolen, it can take time to replace. Ensure the safety of these by keeping all social security cards in your safe. It’s also beneficial to keep the cards in a safe so you know exactly where to find them when you need to show proof of ID for a new job or to receive government services.
  • Property insurance policies and contact information. When your home suffers damage or a break in, you’re going to need to know how to file a claim. Keeping all this information in one place can make the process a little easier.
  • Passports or original birth certificates. Like your social security card, it can be a hassle to replace a birth certificate or passport.
  • Important legal documents. If you have important legal documents such as living wills, health care providers or powers of attorney, put them in your safe. You probably won’t have to use this information very often but when you do you’re going to want to know exactly where it is.
  • Family jewelry, coins or other valuables. These items are irreplaceable. If you’re only going to want to access them on occasion, keeping them in your safe is a great choice.
  • External hard drives or CDs with digital copies of your family pictures. Family pictures are priceless, and if they get ruined in a fire there is no way to replace them. Put a CD or external hard drive filled with your family photos and videos and you can be sure that these memories will stay intact.
  • Safe deposit box keys. If you keep a safe deposit box at the bank, you’re not going to want that key sitting around for anyone to grab. Putting it in your safe ensures that only the people with the proper code can have access to the key.
  • Cash, if you keep large sums at home. Most people deposit large sums of cash into the bank or put them in their safety box. If you choose to keep a lot of cash at home or need it on hand for a short period of time, your safe is the best place to keep it. If a burglar makes their way into your home or a fire starts, it will still be safe and secure.
  • Guns or pistols. The safest place to keep your guns is in a safe. You wouldn’t want your child, house guest, or intruder to find one of your guns laying around. At Strauss we carry specific safes that you can store your weapons in.
  • Usernames and passwords. It can be helpful to keep all of your important username and passwords for online accounts in one place. Put them in your safe so other people in your home can’t come across the information. Keeping your usernames and passwords in your safe is also is convenient because if another family member needs to get this information and you can’t be reached, they know where to look.

Residential safes from Strauss Security Solutions

The best place to shop for residential safes is Strauss Security Solutions. Whether you need a home high security safe, home fire safe, gun safe, or pistol safe, our experienced staff can set you up with the right one. Stop by our Urbandale showroom if you want to check out our safes. If you have any questions about how we can set up you and your Des Moines, Johnston, Indianola, Waukee, Norwalk, Indianola, or Ankeny home with a residential safe, contact us today!

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