The Benefits of Keyless Entry Locks In your Home

One of the easiest ways to increase security at your residential property is through installing keyless entry locks on your premises.  By entering your personal entry code, you enter your house with a few simple pushes of a button and lock your home in one. You can totally eliminate the need for keys in your home.

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However, keyless entry locks can do so much more than just eliminate the need for keys in your home. Here are a few benefits of installing keyless entry locks in you home:

No More Lockouts

Gone are the days of having to worry about being locked out of your home if you lose your keys. Gone are the days of having to worry about a child or loved one being locked out of your home. With a keyless entry system you will always have access to your home even without a key. Simply enter your code and you’re home free.

No More Lost Keys

Since you will never be locked out of your home again, you will never have to worry about lost keys again. This is because you will never be using your key again. This is especially beneficial for families who may have had to share sets of keys in the past.

No More Hiding Keys

Now that you have no need for keys, you will have no need to hide them on your property to prepare for that time you lose your keys. This will eliminate the safety hazard of leaving a spare key on your property. Thieves know people utilize this practice and will search for your spare. By installing a keyless entry lock, you eliminate this risk.

Computer Programmable

The easy computer programmable nature of keyless entry locks allows for you to update your access codes anywhere you have a computer and internet access. This creates an easy way to change your codes in need of emergency.

Temporary Access

Keyless entry locks can often store multiple unique user codes. This allows you to give temporary access to whomever you see fit. Then you can delete the code whenever you need to. This allows you to give access to your home to service men, neighbors, dog walkers, and more all while keep your home safe.

Ease of Access

With the ease of sharing your code with whomever you need to, you eliminate many hassles of life while keeping your home secure. With a keyless entry lock vacations become less stressful. You are free to stop worrying about taking time off work to let the handyman in.



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