The Benefits of Keyless Entry For Your Des Moines Office Building

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Card access systems can be beneficial for your business or store because they provide convenient access points into your building by eliminating the traditional keyed doorway. Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in card access systems for your business doorways and our variety of keyless systems will provide your business with many important benefits:

Increased Security
With Strauss’s keyless entry systems, the doors will automatically lock when they close. Instead of having to use a key to lock the door, it will lock automatically and only be unlocked when a user uses their access card or security code. This prevents unwanted guests from accessing the building after business hours.

When large businesses distribute keys to all the employees they are often lost or misplaced. The keys could end up in the wrong hands if copies are made. With keyless entry systems, when an employee is let go or fired, their access card can be deactivated, eliminating the hassle of collecting their keys or worrying about them stealing the keys or making duplicates. It only takes a few seconds to remove a card holder’s access privileges. With Strauss’s keyless entry systems, you will have peace of mind knowing your building is secure 24/7.

The systems are controlled by a web-hosted system that allows you to control the access points from anywhere with Internet access. This allows you to monitor your business on nights, weekends, and vacations. The web-hosted system will alert you of late night access into your building, and also notify you when a door is left open. Instead of frequent, late night trips to the office, you can monitor your Des Moines business from the comfort of your home

Improved Employee Monitoring
Keyless systems allow you to monitor who enters the building. You will receive audit reports detailing when employees entered the building, so you can keep track of the number of hours your employees are working throughout the week.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems by Strauss Security Solutions
Basic Readers — With a basic reader, when a user swipes their access card, a PIN number is recorded and sent to the system control panel. If the control panel registers that the user’s PIN has entry access into the building, it will simultaneously unlock the door. This type of “non-intelligent” reader is the most common type of keyless entry system used by businesses.

  • Semi-Intelligent Readers — Semi-intelligent readers are a step up from the basic readers. They have the same entry functionalities of basic readers, but also provide door hardware control capabilities. When Internet access is available, users with permissions will be able to open doors when they are away from the office. This is a luxury for business owners.
  • Intelligent Readers — Intelligent readers can control the door hardware, similar to semi-intelligent readers, and they can also make additional access decisions because they are equipped with more memory and processing power.

Many keyless entry systems can be customized to meet the needs of your office building, hotel, or store. Strauss Security Solutions in Des Moines offers card systems with LED screens, clock-in and clock-out features, and attendance reports for improved workplace productivity. Call Strauss today for more information about keyless card access systems for your Des Moines property.

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