The 3 Top Home Security Mistakes

Summer Safety in Des Moines While fancy home-automation systems certainly help your home security, there are still simple things you can do to make your home safer. Sadly, these measures are often overlooked, and they are usually the ones that would have prevented a break-in. Here are the top three home security mistakes, and why you should do your best to remember them:

1. Leaving doors and windows unlocked — Most people think they’re okay to leave home for a short time and keep everything unlocked.  But really, a burglar needs little time to enter someone’s house and take something valuable. Get in the habit of locking all your doors and windows when your home is empty– even the windows upstairs!

2. Drawing the curtains — When people leave for long periods of time, they often close the curtains so people can’t see that there’s no activity inside. This can backfire, however, because most burglars are apt to think that a home is vacant if the curtains are always drawn.

3. Leaving a hidden key — No matter how cleverly you think you have hidden your key, a seasoned burglar can probably find it. It’s better to not to do this at all.

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