Summer is Approaching: Let Strauss Protect your Des Moines Home

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Summer is quickly approaching, and this means warmer weather. When the weather gets warmer, people tend to open windows, take vacations, and spend more time away from their home. Because of this, summer is the ideal time for burglar break-ins. Homes are often vacant while residents are on vacations, and windows are left unlocked with no security. To protect your Des Moines, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston, Waukee, Ankeny, Indianola, Norwalk, or Clive family and your belongings, it is important to take some simple precautions to have a fun, safe summer.

Stay Safe: Lock Your Windows

Whether you are gone for the afternoon or vacationing for the week, your windows should be closed and locked. It becomes a simple habit to open windows when the weather is nice, and it might seem like a hassle to close them every time the house is empty – but it is important to get in a habit of doing so. The first thing burglars check are unlocked doors and windows because they are the easiest access points into your home. About 40% of break-ins happen without forced entry.

Keep Your Des Moines Yard Looking Good

The most noticeable sign of a vacant home is an unkempt yard or newspapers in the driveway. A burglar on the prowl will notice simple things like this and realize that no one is home. It might be a smart idea to have someone stop by your house a few times throughout the week to make it look like someone is home. If you are gone for a very extended period of time, recruit a trusting neighbor to take care of your yard and collect your mail.

Reconsider New Voicemail Messages

Burglars will often call home telephones numbers to see if anyone is home. When leaving on vacation, never record a vacation voicemail that says when you will be returning. Instead, don’t change your voicemail at all. Burglars won’t know if you are gone for the afternoon, or gone for the week.

Don’t “Show Off” Your Household Items

Leaving things lying around in your yard is only luring burglars up to your door. Making large purchases and leaving the boxes on the curb to be recycled can often be a burglar’s dream. Expensive electronic boxes that are too large for your trash can should be thrown away somewhere else. Also, make sure your expensive household items are not visible from the sidewalk or street. Moving large TV’s away from the window is a smart idea. At night, close your curtains so people can’t see your personal belongings.

Notify Local Authorities

For extra security when you are leaving town, it is a smart idea to notify the local authorities of your absence. They will drive by your home to make sure everything is safe.

Install a Strauss Security System

Many homeowners install security systems to feel safe while sleeping, but about 65% of burglaries occur during working hours. Burglars know that at night, most people are home – whereas during the day, adults are working and children are at school. Strauss home security systems and security cameras are the best way to protect your home while you are gone. Strauss has many camera options to choose from, providing a variety of indoor as well as outdoor security for your home. Strauss’s security systems are affordable and they offer monitoring for all their systems. You should never put a price on your family’s safety. Contact our team today to learn more about the security systems we carry here at Strauss.

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