Strauss – SEi Merger; Better Protection, More Options

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Strauss Security Solutions is pleased to announce we recently merged with Security Equipment Inc. (SEi). We feel this partnership will allow us to offer the highest quality customer experience, while bringing together Strauss’ 92 years and SEi’s 50 years as security providers. Together, we will offer a variety of products and services to you including: security, fire protection, access control, locksmith, safe, and video surveillance. With this transition you will continue to work with the same Strauss employees you’ve come to know and trust.

With offices located in Des Moines, Iowa City, Kansas City, Lincoln and Omaha, SEi has many parallels with Strauss Security while also offering unique services. SEi owns and operates an Underwriters Laboratories approved monitoring center and has over 16,000 monitored accounts throughout the Midwest. SEI will soon take over the monitoring of your security system, and we assure that you will receive the utmost care and accuracy in the services we provide. Strauss has performed the necessary due diligence in selecting the right company to ensure your level of service will not be compromised. The move of your monitoring and/or hosted services to SEi will not result in an interruption of service or a change in how you operate your system.

With Strauss and SEi you will:

  1. Continue to you use your alarm and card access system in the exact way you do today
  2. Receive quality customer service for all of your needs
  3. Have new offerings of security products and services

Thank you for the opportunity to be your security provider. We look forward to our new partnership and are excited to continue to serve you.


image of matts signature
Matt Vellek
Chief Operating Officer
Security Equipment, Inc.

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Chad Breheny
Strauss Security Solutions

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