Did You Know Strauss Secures Homes, Businesses in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Too?

Iowa City - Strauss Security Solutions service area

Strauss Security Solutions has been securing homes and businesses in Des Moines for over 85 years with the latest technology and alarm systems. What some people may not know, however, is that our services aren’t limited to the Des Moines Metro area. Strauss provides security systems and services across Iowa—including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Cedar Rapids - Strauss Security Solutions service area


Why Get a Security System in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City?

As any cautious homeowner would, residents in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City lock their doors and windows when they’re away from the house, so why get a security system? The unfortunate reality is homes without an alarm system are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than homes with one.

Home security systems offer the following benefits for Iowans:


Reduced Risk of a Break-In

Burglars are often deterred by stickers or signs on the outside of the house warning of an active security system. In most cases, criminals prefer the path of least resistance, and if they see your house is equipped with a security system, they will most likely attempt their break-in elsewhere.


Immediate Notification of Law Enforcement

If you do not disarm your alarm in the brief window of time allotted when it is triggered, the authorities will immediately be notified and come to your home as soon as possible. Alarm systems can be triggered with a loud or silent alarm, depending on the homeowner’s preference. If a burglar does attempt to break into your home, the loud alarm will usually frighten them to the point of running away before they cause extensive damage to your property and possessions.


Built-in Fire and CO Safety

Many security systems have built-in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that will trigger an alarm if detected. The alarm will notify the proper authorities so you can ensure the safety of your house even when you’re not home.


Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Some insurance providers help homeowners save money on homeowners insurance when their home is equipped with a home security system. Contact your local insurance agent to make sure you qualify.


Peace of Mind

Whether you’re gone for an hour or a week, you won’t have to worry about somebody breaking into your home without being detected. Most of our home security monitoring plans start at $39.95 a month, making a Strauss security system an affordable way to keep your family and belongings safe.


How Business Owners in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Protect Their Office

Not only does Strauss Security Solutions offer alarm systems and security cameras for your home, but we also keep Cedar Rapids and Iowa City businesses secure with burglar alarms, high-security locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, and commercial safes.


Commercial Security Systems

There’s no better way to keep your employees, customers, and assets safe than with a commercial security system. Strauss leads the industry in commercial security and life safety alarm services. With our variety of custom-designed monitored alarm systems and state-of-the-art technology, you can rest easy knowing your office is protected. We recommend installing alarms at every door entrance and window that could be accessed for a break-in. Any doors leading to confidential information should have a burglar alarm as well. Schedule a free security consultation to see how a commercial security system from Strauss provides the protection your business needs.


High-Security Locks

Replace all the locks in your office with high-security locks. These electronic “keys” are programmed to open any door in the building and cannot be copied. With a data log of all individuals who enter and exit the building, business owners will know who has gained access and at what times. Strauss provides the CyberLock system, which allows you to choose who can be granted or denied access to the office. With this system, business owners don’t need to worry about employees losing or duplicating keys.


Commercial Security Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are great for monitoring activity and to capture evidence in the event of an illegal action. Strauss Security Solutions offers an array of systems with options ranging from DVR/NVR and remote video access to PTZ and analog systems. Many of our clients also enjoy intercom and video systems, which allow them to see who is trying to gain access to the building. The Aiphone intercom system gives you the ability to grant or deny access to individuals and is perfect for schools and other institutions.


Commercial Security Safes

For medical centers, accounting firms, banks, and other businesses that handle sensitive information, commercial security safes are the best way to protect important documents and assets. Keeping valuable items in a combination-lock safe is much more secure than simply locking the items in a desk. That way, only the people who need access to business files and assets know the combination. Fireproof safes are also available at Strauss Security Solutions.


Whether you own a home or a business, Strauss Security Solutions of Iowa provides unbeatable quality in safety and security. If you need to install or upgrade your security system in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, give us a call! Our security experts are happy to assist homeowners and business owners with all their security needs.

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