Security, from the outside-in!

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Burglars prefer homes that look like an easy opportunity! If your home looks unmaintained, vacant, or covered in shrubs, burglars will target your home!

Taking care of outside security is just as important if not more than the inside security. Look at it this way, do you want the burglar scared off before he enters your home, or after he enters your home?

A well lit outside makes it hard for the burglar to creep around, and be unnoticed. Keep areas lit with a wired or wireless motion light. Areas to focus on are corners, stoops, windows that are easily accessed, garages, and any area that isn’t easily seen at night.

Keep your shrubs trimmed nicely, and away from windows and doors. Shrubs make a nice hiding place for burglars, like a hunting blind.

Fences and gates may not keep people out of your yard, but they do make it harder to carry your belongings over. Choose strong, secure fencing and gates, and maybe add a decorative trellis, as this makes it even harder to get over. Burglars like lazy jobs, don’t make it easy for them.

Garages and sheds may not be attached to your home, but they contain valuable items like tools, machinery, chemicals, and things a burglar can use to break into your home. Keep these areas secure and well lit as well!

Security cameras have some nifty features right now! Wireless, 2-way audio, alarms, alerts, and more! Investing in an outside security camera system will help deter burglars, and possible help catch them. Getting a good security camera system that fits your families needs can be daunting, so call Strauss Security and ask for the security camera department, we will be more than happy to explain all the features available, and cameras that fit your specific needs!

When a group of burglars were asked what would stop them from breaking into a home, 93% said “a security sticker or sign”. Call Strauss Security, talk to them about all your security options!

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