Safety Tips from Strauss Security Solutions: Living Alone

Security Tips for Living Alone

Living alone can be a new adventure, and there can be some major benefits involved. You can decorate your place however you want, the cleaning schedule is up to you, and you don’t have to worry about being too loud and waking a roommate or family member. Even though living by yourself can be fun and exciting, it can also be dangerous. It’s important to know ways that you can keep yourself and your apartment or house protected when you’re the only one living there.

Tips for Living Alone in your Des Moines Home or Apartment

When you’re living alone, it’s important to keep security in mind. Not only do you need to keep yourself safe, but your belongings as well. Below are some tips from Strauss Security Solutions to keep in mind when you aren’t living with any roommates or family.

  1. If you can, get the locks changed. Having the locks rekeyed is a simple way to add extra safety. Previous tenants may have kept duplicate keys, so completely changing them ensures that someone who used to have access to your home can’t get back in. At Strauss Security Solutions, our locksmiths can quickly and efficiently change all of your locks so you will be the only one who has the right key.
  2. Get to know your neighbors. If you live by yourself, it is helpful to get to know your neighbors. Learn their names and get their contact information. That way if something were to happen in your home or theirs, you have someone close by you can reach out to. It’s also beneficial so you can look out for each others homes or apartments when the other is out of town.
  3. Install a home security system. As you may already know, we have a wide variety of security systems at Strauss Security Solutions and can help you pick out the right one to fit your specific needs. You may be interested in a home burglary alarm system to be notified when someone is breaking into your home. Or maybe our total connect mobile services are right for you so you can manage your security from your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Keep your curtains closed. When you keep your curtains open all the time, it’s easy for people to see into your home. That means it’s also easy for someone to pick up on your habits like when you’re home or what time you tend to go to bed. Keeping the curtains closed will prevent a potential burglar from being able to know what the inside of your home or apartment looks like and what big ticket items you may have.
  5. Lock your doors, whether you’re home or not. Most people only lock their doors when they leave their place. For extra security, keep your doors locked while you’re home, too. It can be dangerous to keep your doors unlocked when you’re the only one there because anyone can walk in.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re moving heavy objects or don’t feel comfortable being alone sometimes, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or neighbor for help. Moving heavy objects alone can be dangerous because if you happen to get hurt and can’t move, there’s no one there to help you. Same for if you aren’t feeling safe by yourself. Don’t be scared to ask a friend or neighbor to hang out for a bit to help you feel more relaxed.
  7. If you need to keep a key “hidden” outside, get a key keeper. We carry key keepers here at Strauss, they allow you to safely keep your key in a box that requires the right code to get into. With a key keeper, only those who know the code are allowed access. It’s a great option if you tend to have people come over when you’re not home yet. Simply give them the code to your key keeper and they can get into your place with your spare key.

Let Strauss Security Solutions Help with Home Security

At Strauss Security Solutions, we have plenty of ways to help you feel more secure while living by yourself. Whether you’re looking for locksmith services, security cameras, total connect mobile services, key keepers, or any other way to keep yourself safe, we can help. Contact us today for more information on safety in your Des Moines, Norwalk, Indianola, Urbandale, Johnston, Waukee, West Des Moines, or Ankeny home or apartment.

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