Pistol Safes

Protect your pistols and your family with a Stack-On Biometric Pistol Safe. Store your valuables and pistols in an innovative safe that uses the latest technology in biometrics. Stack-On uses fingerprinting technology instead of traditional locking mechanisms to provide foolproof security and convenient access.

Since no two human fingerprints are the same, fingerprint recognition is considered a precise means of identification. Authorized individuals are the only ones who will be able to access the safe. You can program up to twenty fingerprints into the safe, allowing other family members or friends access to your pistols if necessary.

Don’t take any chances with your pistols and valued possessions; protect them and your loved ones with a Stack-On Biometric Pistol Safe.

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Stack-On Quick Access Personal Safe with Biometric Lock Stack-On Quick Access Pistol Safe with Biometric Lock

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