Key Keepers

Key keepers are handy for keeping your extra keys protected and out of the hands of those that shouldn’t have them. Many people choose to keep their spare key hidden under a mat or on top of a light fixture by their front door. Key keepers allow you to safely keep your key in a box that only you or people who have the correct code can gain access to. Strauss offers several different types of key keepers to ensure that you and your assets are protected.

Mailbox Lock Boxes

These are inserted into your mailbox. Your mailman will still have the same access they did before, but the lock box makes it extremely challenging to retrieve your mail from without the proper key.

Electronic Lock Box

Keep your keys protected with a programmable code. Electronic lock boxes ensure that you will always have access to the key as long as you have the code. The box will notify you when the battery is getting low and needs to be changed, saving you the hassle of having to check on it. You can also program codes to expire after a certain amount of time so that if you use it for a vacation rental property the code will no longer work after the renter checks out.

Real Estate Key Keepers

Is your house on the market? Instead of just handing the real estate agent the key to your home use a key keeper. You can give the key to key keeper to the realtor so that they can access the key to your home when they show it to potential buyers. This type of keeper is removable, allowing you to remove the box when your home is not being shown.


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