Residential Safes

Get High Security, Fire & Gun Safes From Strauss In Des Moines

Once you have ensured that your family is safe in your home, your belongings and assets come next. Safes are an important component in your home security system. Know your precious belongings are protected in the unfortunate event of a fire or burglary. We offer many sizes to suit your needs – from wall safes to vault doors. We also offer gun and pistol safes to protect your firearms.

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Strauss Security AMSEC safes Des Moines - Des Moines Safe Company

Home High Security Safes

Protect your most valuable assets with a home high security safe.

Home Fire Safes

Protect your things when a fire strikes with one our home fire safes.

Strauss Lock AMSEC high security safes in Des Moines Iowa Strauss Lock AMSEC fires safes in Des Moines Iowa

Gun Safes

Protect your firearms and keep them out of the hands of your children with a gun safe.

Pistol Safes

Protect your family from having firearms out in the house with a pistol safe.

 Des Moines Fire Gun Safe Stack-On Quick Access Pistol Safe with Biometric Lock

Key Keepers

Protect your spare key to your home, rental property, car, shed, garage etc. with a key keeper.