Access Control

Improve your home security system with Strauss access control systems

Strauss Security Solutions offers a variety of ways to secure your home. With our solutions you can make sure only the right people have access to your home, eliminating the need to hand out keys. We also offer locks for your everyday needs, see our options below.

Residential Intercom/Video Systems: Know who is at the door or your gate before you open it with an intercom or video system.

Pushbutton Locks: Secure your home with the push of a button instead of a key. Our pushbutton locks give you the security of a code without the hassle or risk that comes with handing out multiple keys.

Medeco High Security Locks: Medeco is the top of the line in security, so protect your most important assets and your family with a high security lock.

Padlocks: Whether you need a padlock for a gym locker, a school locker or something else around your home, secure your possessions with a high security padlock. Visit our showroom to see our selection.

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