Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Home burglary is something that continues to happen, even though there are numerous ways to prevent it. By truly understanding how easy it is take preventative steps, you can take steps to protect your family, your valuables, and your sanity.

Home Security Means Peace of Mind
According to a study from the University of North Carolina’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology found that more often than not, a potential burglar will try to find out whether your home has a security system in place before even bothering with it. In the United States, homes without security systems are nearly 3 times more likely to be burglarized than those with systems in place. Furthermore, a home that is well-lit with cameras visible is enough to dissuade a burglar from trying to enter your home. Strauss Security Solutions offers a variety of security systems for your home, plus 24/7 monitoring services so you can be sure that whether you’re home or away, your house is being protected.

Protect Valuables, and Help Catch the Criminals
Of course, keeping your family and pets safe is priority one when it comes to making decisions about your home’s security. Protecting your valuables is priority two, though. Losing a few expensive items, such as computers, stereo systems, and televisions can be difficult, but losing priceless heirlooms can be heartbreaking. Often, these items are never recovered.

On average, a burglar spends just 8 to 12 minutes in a home. Obviously their goal is to get in and out as quietly and with as much as possible before being caught. Silent alarms can help catch a burglar because they’re triggered without the criminal knowing about it and authorities are alerted immediately. This could mean the difference between losing the ring your grandmother left you forever and never allowing it to leave your home. While we’re on the subject, a high security residential safe is always a good idea when it comes to protecting your valuables.

Create a Smart Home
Access control systems are becoming popular in residential properties now, after having already found their place in commercial properties. Automating features like doorbells, lights, locks, and more ensures you can allow only the right people into your home. With residential intercom and video systems, you can know exactly who is at your door without having to open it (and even without being home). Home security cameras are a great cost-effective way to protect your home from intruders. This is especially important going into the holiday season (think of all those packages that will be sitting on your steps for hours).

Discounts on Home Insurance
Most insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who install preventative security equipment in and around their home. This can include surveillance cameras, smart home features, fire detection, and more. The reason insurance companies offer these discounts is simple: if home alarms are installed, that home is less likely to experience a loss, so the insurance company is less likely to have to pay thousands of dollars worth of claims.

Take Control of Your Security with Greater Iowa’s Trusted Strauss Security
Strauss Security Solutions has been helping Des Moines area homeowners take their security to the next level for the past 90 years. When you’re ready to learn more about how your home could become more secure, contact us!

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