Protecting your Des Moines Business with a Holdup Alarm

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Robbery is one of the last things a business owner wants to experience. Though it’s not ideal, robberies can still occur at your Des Moines area business. They can leave your employees feeling scared and worrisome about returning to work. You may not be able to know when a potential robber is coming by your business, but you can take precautions so you can implement a plan when that does happen. In addition to setting up commercial security cameras throughout your business, getting a holdup alarm is a helpful way to get the proper authorities to your business in time of need.

Holdup Alarms: Keeping your Des Moines Business Safe

Holdup alarm buttons are an easy and convenient way to keep everyone in your store or business protected whether it’s your employees, customers, or belongings. Once you realize how much you can benefit from a holdup alarm, the experienced team at Strauss Security Solutions can come to your Des Moines area business to install your holdup alarm as part as your Strauss system. If you already have a security system through another provider, no problem. We can add it to an existing security system as long as you allow us to take over the management of the system.

Holdup alarms are programmed to automatically notify a dispatcher when pressed. The dispatcher will then inform a responder, which lets them know that they could be entering a dangerous situation. You can program the alarm to notify the dispatcher to send the police department, fire department, or emergency medical assistance. Wired and wireless options are available, so choose whichever best fits the needs of your business.

Reasons your Business needs a Strauss Holdup Alarm

Why does your business need a holdup alarm? Depending on your industry, your business could potentially greatly benefit from a holdup alarm. Consider a holdup alarm if:

  • Your employees work late or unusual hours. If your employees are working late nights or overnight, you may want to purchase a holdup alarm. With less people out and about, a burglar has less chances of a witness when trying to steal goods or money from your business. Keeping a holdup alarm will help your employees feel safe when they’re alone.
  • Cash or cash registers can be easily accessible to an intruder. Many cash registers are in plain site of those who walk into your business. Hide a holdup alarm underneath the cash register so your employee can discretely hit it if they are in a holdup situation.
  • Your business is a bank, convenience store, or financial institution. Holdup alarms are ideal for banks, convenience stores, and financial institutions. These are the types of businesses that a burglar is most likely to hit because they generally have some cash on hand. With a holdup alarm in these types of businesses, your staff can feel more at ease.
  • You’ve been robbed before. This one may sound like common sense, but if you’ve been robbed before, it can happen again. Install a holdup alarm so you can alert the authorities as quickly as possible if you’re going through that again.

Strauss Security Solutions: Keeping you safe with Holdup Alarms

If you think your business can benefit from a holdup alarm from Strauss Security Solutions, reach out to us today. Whether your business is in Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston, Clive, Waukee, West Des Moines, Norwalk, Indianola, or Ankeny, we want to help you keep everyone safe. Be sure to check out other great Strauss commercial security solutions such as commercial door hardware, security systems, access control systems, security cameras, and commercial safes.

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