Protect your Des Moines Home with Security On The Go by Strauss

Des Moines Security - Mobile

Security systems are beneficial for your residential and commercial Des Moines property because they provide protection against unwanted intruders. You can feel at ease knowing that your property is safe and secure with a Strauss Security Solutions security system.

When you are away from your property for extended periods of time, it is at high risk for break-ins or vandalism. With our Total Connect mobile security service, you can monitor your property from the palm of your hand. With the simple touch of your cell phone screen, you have access to video monitoring of your building to make sure it is secure while you are away.

Contact Strauss Security Solutions in Des Moines to learn more about how you can get security on-the-go for your mobile phone. Stop worrying and start monitoring with Strauss’s Total Connect mobile security services.

Total Connect Mobile Features

There are many Total Connect features that would be beneficial for you to safely monitor your property while you are away on vacation, out-of-town on a business trip, leaving town for the weekend, or simply gone at work during the day. If you are in a rush to leave and accidently forget to close your garage door, Total Connect has the capabilities to close or open your garage door for you. You can easily turn lights on and off while you are away from your home. This gives strangers lurking around your property the illusion that someone is home. If a family or friend needs to stop by your house, you can deactivate your alarm system with the simple touch of a button. Once they leave, you can reactivate it just as easily.

Benefits of Mobile Security

With a cell phone tied into your security system you have the capability to access your system from anywhere with a cell phone signal. This allows you to make changes on the fly to your system settings. You are also able to receive direct communication in the event of a break-in.

4 Important Benefits of Strauss Mobile Security

  • Accessibility – Most people take their cell phone with them everywhere they go. When your security system is linked to your cell phone, you have access to your system from virtually anywhere when you have wifi or cell phone service.
  • Convenience – With Mobile Connect you can easily make changes to your security system from anywhere. It is convenient when you are busy or forgetful.
  • Safety – You can respond quicker to an emergency or break-in, because you receive direct communication to your cell phone wherever you are.
  • Peace of mind – The mobile security system gives you peace of mind knowing your residential or commercial property is secure and safe even when you are away.

Contact Strauss Security Solutions in Des Moines to learn more about Total Connect mobile security for your cell phone.

Z-Wave System by Strauss

The Z-Wave System is the device that you connect your devices, electronics, and lights to that allows you to control them from your mobile device. The Z-Wave is very simple to use, and works with almost any electronic device.

One of the most important benefits of the Z-Wave is the versatility it has for your home. All of the devices work together to provide you with the best experience for your home. You can program the Z-Wave in many custom ways. Notifications can be sent to your mobile device to let you know when your front door is opened. This lets you know if someone has entered or exited your home. It helps keep your home secure, and it’s also great for monitoring children when they are home alone.

Security for your Des Moines Property

Contact Strauss Security Solutions to schedule a Z-Wave and Total Connect demonstration for your Des Moines, Johnston, Urbandale, Ankeny, West Des Moines, Indianola, Norwalk, or Waukee residential or commercial property. Switch to mobile today, and take your home security to the next level.

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