Protect Your Des Moines Business With Strauss

Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in Commercial Security & Life Safety Alarm Services. We provide a wide range of custom designed monitored alarm systems for your business using all UL® approved equipment. Our goal at Strauss is to keep you, your employees, your customers, and your business as safe as possible. We recommend when setting up a commercial burglary alarm system that you cover all of your bases, every door to the building and doors guarding confidential information, every window that someone would be able to gain access to the building through, and more. We understand that businesses need to protect their assets, information and their people so we offer many different security solutions to meet your needs.

Commercial Security System for $395

When you lock the door to your building at night do you worry that the little lock on the door will not be enough to deter intruders? Install a Strauss Commercial Security System today and forget about your worries. Commercial security systems start at just $395 installed and $24.95 a month for monitoring.

Product Details:

    • One Expandable Master Controller Communicator (the brains)
    • One Backlit Digital Keypad Arming Station With Built In Panic Button
    • One Interior High Decibel Siren
    • One RJ31X Telephone Jack & Cord (must have phone line)
    • One Emergency Standby Battery Backup Power Supply
    • One Motion Detector With Up To 80 LB Pet Immunity
    • Two Perimeter Doors Protected For Movement

Contact Strauss today to take the first steps in securing your business.


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