How to pick the best safe for your needs

There are many ranges of safes available in today’s market. Safes can be used in residential, commercial and pharmacy locations. Safes come in a variety of sizes and styles. So it may be confusing on which one will serve your purposes. Homeowners may want a safe that offers protection for important papers, cash, jewelry, guns, or other valuables. Consider the kind of protection you need. For instance, someone that wants burglary protection for jewelry and cash would select a different type of safe than someone who wants security and fire protection for home defense or hunting weapons.

It is especially important to keep weapons in secure storage. Iowa law imposes criminal liability for negligent storage of a firearm. This law is intended to protect minors from gaining access to weapons that may result in injury or death to themselves or others.

Safes that store weapons can range from portable handgun to vault styles. Handgun safes have programmable locking mechanisms that keep content secure from unauthorized access. These small safes have sturdy handles and are relatively lightweight to allow them to be transported. In contrast, safes that can store rifles or multiple weapons can range from 300 lbs. or more. These vault style units will also provide fire and burglar protection. For gun owners that have limited storage space and want to be prepared in case of home invasion, the defense vault is a perfect choice. This model weighs 90 lbs. and fits under the bed. It is constructed with steel and has an electronic lock with an illuminated keypad for quick access in the dark.

Safes have fire ratings and burglary ratings. If you are researching which safe to buy you may be seeing the UL classification label. Safes are rated with an Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) evaluation. The UL rating demonstrates that certain industry standards have been met. This classification will identify the construction and performance requirements. Higher numbers on the listing indicate higher burglar/fire resistant construction or performance.

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