Perfect Hiding Spots for Your Keys

We usually recommend against hiding a key outside your home because most burglars are familiar with 99% of the hiding spots you would think to use. Today we found a few great ways to stump them! These four gadgets provide you with a secret and relatively safe place to hid an extra key to your home or your vehicle.

Quick Note: Having a hidden key is mostly for your convenience and it doesn’t do anything for your home’s security. Be careful when accessing your hiding spots. You want the least amount of people possible to know about them. Also keep an eye out for any strangers or strange vehicles in the area when accessing your hidden keys. 

Fake Rock Hide-A-Key This interesting little device is designed to look, feel and “act” just like a regular rock. The difference is that it can be opened, and a key can be hidden inside.  These rocks usually have a sliding panel, which has a small compartment just large enough for a spare key. Some of these types of “key hiders” are more realistic than others – Have you ever seen a blue or green rock? If seriously considering a fake rock to hide your spare key, you should probably stick to one that looks as ordinary as possible. Avoid any stylized or “meteorite” fake rocks, since the point of hiding your key inside a rock is so it can’t be easily found.

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key This cool device is sold by ThinkGeek, a company that has always specialized in interesting (and fun) security devices. This key hiding device looks just like a sprinkler head, and can be pushed down into your lawn to appear “hidden”. However, you might only want to use this key hiding device if you already have an installed sprinkler device. If a potential burglar notices that you have just one sprinkler head in your entire lawn, they might start to get a bit suspicious.

Trailer Hitch Hide-A-Key The awesome thing about this key hiding device is that it often comes with a combination lock. This means that  your spare keys will be relatively secure, and not easy for a potential car thief to access. The main limitation of this gadget is (of course) that your vehicle will need to be compatible with the hidden hitch safe. Many trucks and SUV’s have a compatible 2-inch hitch receiver which can be used with the trailer hitch safe. Installation of the hitch safe is actually very easy, requiring about two minutes of your time (and minimal tools).

Magnetic Hide-A-Key This is one of the least expensive key hiding devices currently available for purchase. When these little key hiders were first released, many people purchased them for hiding their spare keys. Since this type of key hider is magnetic, this theoretically means that you can hide your spare car keys simply by sticking the compartment underneath your car in a hidden area. However, as was soon discovered, there are several problems with this. First, the magnet on these key holders isn’t always strong enough to withstand heavy motion. This means that the magnet could fall off the underside of the car during driving (which means you’d lose your spare key altogether). Also, hiding your spare key ON your car isn’t exactly the brightest idea. Many criminals caught on to the magnetic hide-a-key, making it more of a security risk than was worth the convenience.

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