Need to Change the Locks? Why You May Want to Re-Key Instead

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Many customers call us to change their locks for a number of reasons: they lost their key, they have new tenants in a rental property, they fired an employee, and so on. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to change the locks for all of these reasons? In fact, it is just as effective — and even more cost effective in most cases — to re-key your locks instead.

So what is the difference between changing the locks and re-keying? And how do you know which service to request? Here is what you need to know about lock replacement and lock re-key.

Lock Replacement

Changing the locks in your home or office is a much more involved process than a simple re-key service. In lock replacement, the locksmith must completely remove the lock’s mechanism and replace it with a new one, which is why lock replacement is oftentimes more expensive than a re-key project.

However, there are many circumstances when lock replacement is the preferred or even the only option. You should request a lock replacement if:

  • your home or office has recently been broken into. (Most locks that have been tampered with can’t be re-keyed at all.)
  • you have recently purchased a new home or moved into a rented property space. While this situation may also be appropriate for a re-key, you may want to change the locks completely to ensure it functions properly and to make sure strangers do not have a working spare key to get into your home or business. (The expert locksmiths at Strauss Security Solutions of Des Moines can help you determine which option is best for you.)
  • you notice visible wear and tear on your lock or if you have difficulty opening the lock with your key. (Old, tarnished, rusty locks are easier for burglars to break into. Furthermore, if you have trouble opening your lock, especially on cold nights, eventually the old mechanism may lock you out of your home.)

Lock Re-Key

Re-key services are often less expensive than lock replacement because it takes less time and fewer parts for the locksmith to accomplish the task. Lock re-key involves the locksmith altering the mechanism of the existing lock internally so that keys that previously opened the lock will no longer work. New keys are then created that will fit with the recently-altered lock.

Lock re-key projects save both time and money. Consider requesting a lock re-key if:

  • your key was lost or stolen.
  • you have new tenants living in a rental property you own. (Even though previous tenants are required to return their keys, you never know for sure how many spares were made and who has them. It is considered good practice to keep the locks up to date for any rental property.)
  • you fired an employee.
  • you wish to have all the locks in your home or office respond to one key. (Master key options are also available even if you have multiple different locks in the same space, such as an apartment complex.)

Whether you are in need of a lock replacement or a lock re-key, Strauss Security Solutions of Des Moines is here to help. In addition to our lock replacement and re-key services, we can duplicate keys, create high security keys or custom keys, provide master key systems, and install deadbolts in your home or office. We also provide the best security products, which include locks, hardware, surveillance and alarm systems.

If you’re still unsure whether to request replacement or re-key services, our trained locksmiths will make recommendations based on your specific needs. Now is a great time to re-key the locks in your home, so be sure to check out our residential re-key special here.



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