Locked Out?

Most of us have felt that terrible feeling that happens when you’re standing outside your home and your method of entry is not available. You’ve locked yourself out. Before you panic and call the locksmith (hopefully us!) try a few of these tricks to see if you can open the doors and get rid of that awful feeling.

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If you live in a house, walk around and check if there are any windows that you may have left open by mistake. Part of you (and us) hopes there aren’t any windows open so that your house is safe and secure. If you do find a cracked window and use it to enter the home, makes sure that you lock all your windows the next time you go out!

If you are in an apartment building, call your landlord and ask them to come and let you in. The landlord always has a master key for the apartments and maybe able to help you. Or try your neighbour’s key – sometimes they also work. But after entering, change your lock.

Above all, to avoid a problem like this, leave a duplicate key with some trusted family member or friend. And just hope that you never have to ask them to bring it to help you out.

We are here to help! 

Not only does Strauss handle your commercial security systems and residential burglar alarms, they also offer state of the art lock re key and lock replacement services. These lock re key and replacement services ensure that your home or business is completely secure, especially if you are worried that you have too many keys in the wrong hands or after a break in. Not only can Strauss re key your locks, they can also duplicate keys, create high security keys from Medeco, provide master key systems and install deadbolt locks into homes and businesses.

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  • Duplicate keys
  • Motorcycle keys
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