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by | Jul 24, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Have you recently moved into a new home or had your locks tampered with? Don’t worry – Strauss can help. We offer lock repair and replacement for your Central Iowa home or business. Locks are important for your home’s security. When they aren’t working properly, your property could be at risk for a potential break-in. Strauss is your go-to lock repair specialist for professional lock repair, rekey, or replacement services.

When You Move to a New Property
When moving into a new property, you should always rekey or replace your locks to ensure that your property is completely secure. What’s the difference between a lock rekey and a full lock replacement? The rekey process consists of replacing the key pins and issuing new keys, while keeping all of the original door hardware. Lock rekey services are typically more affordable than a full lock replacement because you get to keep your existing door hardware. Upon moving into a new property, call Strauss Security Solutions for all your Central Iowa new property lock rekey and replacement services.

When You Lose Your Keys
Although it is unlikely that someone will find a random key on a sidewalk and know which property it belongs to, if your keys are stolen or taken from your home, you should definitely get your locks replaced or rekeyed. When having people over, don’t keep your keys out in plain sight. Even if you know the person, you shouldn’t be too trusting when it comes to your home’s security. If you lose your keys and have no way back into your home, rekeying your locks is the best, more affordable solution for you.

When Someone Moves Out
This point is especially important for rental properties. New tenants moving into your property will feel safer knowing that the locks have previously been replaced prior to moving in. Besides a rental property, if a roommate moves out on bad terms, replacing the locks can give you peace of mind knowing they won’t come back unannounced.

When Your Locks Are Damaged
If you notice that your locks have been tampered with, you should get them repaired or replaced immediately. Broken locks can be a sign of a recent home break in or break in attempt. Even if you don’t notice anything in your home missing, a weakened lock does not provide you with the best, safest security benefits for your home. Many break ins can happen because of lock bumping, where a burglar uses a specifically crafted bump key to open your door’s lock.

Strauss Lock Repair or Replacement in Des Moines
Our locksmiths at Strauss Security can help you rekey Medeco high security keys, Schlage keys, Sergeant keys, Yale keys, and many other master key systems. We work with both commercial and residential locks in Des Moines, Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, West Des Moines and Clive areas. Our state of the art repair or replacement specialists only use the best high security locks in the industry.

Put your home’s security in our hands – Call Strauss Security Solutions today for a rekey special! 3 locks rekeyed only $64!

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