Keeping Holiday Packages Safe on Your Doorstep

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

In 2016, about 11 million packages were stolen from front steps, porches, and decks of homes. Approximately 70% of homeowners will be expecting packages delivered in the coming weeks, gearing up for the holiday season. Of that 70%, 61% will have more packages delivered than they would typically. Unless you plan on staying home all day in order to prevent “package pirates” from stealing your items, you’re looking for ways to keep those packages safe. The good news is there are several ways to mitigate theft during the holidays and beyond!

Quick Ways to Secure Your Packages!
There are a few steps to take if you’re looking to keep deliveries safe and sound (having the delivery person cover them with a door mat isn’t the best idea). Of course, these aren’t always easy, but for a special package or two, keep these ideas in mind.

Require a Signature
If you’re expecting a package this holiday season (or at any other time during the year), be sure that the delivery require a signature. There are, of course, times when a delivery person failed to follow protocol and left a package unattended without the required signature. However, if this happens, that delivery company is open to legal action against them, so those instances are few and far between. Signature-required delivery ensures the package gets to you safely.

Place a Hold on Packages
Planning a vacation over the holidays? A family trip, maybe? That’s great! Before you leave, though, remember to place holds on any packages you have coming your way so they aren’t left unattended on your front porch. UPS My Choice allows you to schedule when and where your package will be delivered. FedEx offers several delivery options, as well. If your package is being sent via USPS, you can request it be held here.

Send Packages to Workplace
A favorite solution for many is to simply have their package sent directly to their workplace. This is pretty self-explanatory, so just check that your company allows personal packages be delivered to the office. Also, remember to let those who need to know (i.e. receptionists) you have a package on the way.

Home Security System Install
While quick fixes are great when it comes to keeping delivered packages safe and mitigating loss, there are cost-effective solutions that are more permanent. After all, the holiday season isn’t the only time you want to keep your property safe.
Arlo Pro Security Camera

Surveillance Cameras or Doorbell Cameras
Just having a security camera can be enough of a deterrent for a criminal. However, if the thief decides to go for it anyway and steal something, they’re much more likely to be caught and charged with a crime if there’s clear video or photos available. This is exactly why a wireless home security camera with HD video quality is a good idea.

Strauss Security Solutions offers a number of security cameras. Plus, they can be paired with a smartphone and home security system to take your protection that much further. The Des Moines metro is fairly quiet, but that doesn’t mean burglaries don’t happen! With weatherproof security cameras, you can be sure that even in the worst Iowa weather, the camera can still work.

Motion Detection
When paired with a smartphone, the camera can send mobile alerts so you can instantly receive notifications when any sound or motion is detected. Plus, security cameras with two-way audio allow you to speak with someone who’s at your door even if you’re not home, because they don’t need to know that!

Strauss Security in Des Moines
You can start taking steps to protect your family today by giving Strauss Security a call. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about your home’s security and can work with you to provide the system that will work best for your family.

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