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Due to the colorful foliage, the start of school and cooler temperatures, fall is an exciting season. But, with the change of seasons comes a change in your security steps and system. Follow these steps from Strauss Security to ensure you remain secure this fall!

1. Colder Temperatures
Most homes are heated by natural gas or fuel during the colder months. These types of heat sources also increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, leaking furnaces or boilers are one of the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Include a carbon monoxide and natural gas detector with energy management features in your security system so that you can be energy efficient and protect yourself from deadly gases.

2. School Started
Before fall officially begins, school has started. This means that your schedules are busier, kids are coming and going, and often home when parents are not. Houses without security systems are an easy target for burglars, 300% more likely, and with the kids home, this is never a chance to take. Security systems offer many features like motion detectors, live camera feed, mobile alerts and messages, 2 way audio, and more! Follow the steps below to keep the kids safe.

  • Unlock and lock doors for your kids when they get home.
  • Watch live surveillance footage to double-check they get home safely.
  • Set personalized codes on the system to know when the kids are home.
  • Set your camera to send mobile alerts when someone comes in the door.

3. Landscaping
One lesser-known security fact is that landscaping matters when a thief is determining a home’s potential for break in. For example, thieves take advantage of overgrown shrubbery to hide in while they’re breaking in. Clearing hiding space in front of windows is important because 95% of all break-ins involve some sort of forceful entry, and windows are very susceptible. During fall, homeowners tend to let plants overgrow because they soon die or become dormant. Your yard needs less maintenance in the fall (besides raking all those leaves!), but don’t forget these tips to protect from break-ins:

  • Limit landscaping that blocks neighbors’ views of doors and windows. You may want privacy from neighbors, but they provide another set of eyes to watch your home.
  • Pull dead plants in front of the house. Fewer plants provide fewer hiding spaces.
  • Trim down shrubs and bushes, especially if they’re in front of windows. This can ensure security and help your yard look more polished.
  • Utilize thorny plants, such as rose bushes in front of windows. Thieves tend to avoid hiding in these plants.

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