Important Hotel Safety Tips for Winter Travelers

Hotel room - safety tips from Strauss Security Solutions

There are many important precautions you should take before leaving your home for a winter vacation. Awhile back we wrote about tips to deter burglars from breaking into your home when you’re away. When planning to leave your home for vacation it is important to prepare in order to keep your home safe from break-ins.

Before planning your vacation, it is important to research the security of your hotel to make sure your belongings will be safe and secure during your vacation. Here are some things to consider about hotel security:


Hotel Background Check

Before reserving your room, always read reviews on the hotel security and staff. People will write negative reviews when they’ve had an unpleasant experience somewhere. Reviews can tell you a lot about the overall room, services, cleanliness, and security.

To protect your belongings in the case of a fire emergency, make sure the hotel and each room is equipped with smoke detectors or sprinklers for safety during a fire emergency.


Hotel Security Checklist

Upon arriving at your hotel and throughout your stay, it is important to do the following to make sure you are safe during the entire duration of your hotel stay:


  • Check to make sure your door and lock has not been tampered with. Make sure the door latches shut and the lock is secure.
  • If you lose your room key, request a room re-key so that you don’t have to worry about someone finding your key and using it to open your room. For this reason, never write your room number on your room key.
  • Always lock all your doors and windows at night or when you leave your room. Typically hotel doors will automatically lock from the outside every time the door shuts, but your door should have a deadbolt lock or chain-latch that reinforces the door for additional security.
  • If you have an adjoining room or patio, always make sure the doors are locked – even if you know your neighbors.
  • When someone knocks on your door, always look through the door’s peephole to make sure you aren’t letting in an unexpected stranger. Just because they say “Housekeeping” doesn’t mean you can trust them to be hotel staff. It is important to never open the door for strangers or solicitors.
  • Always be alert of suspicious guests entering the hotel. If you detect any suspicious activity, call the front desk and report them immediately.

Protecting your belongings goes beyond keeping your home secure. It is important to always be alert when traveling and on vacation. Never leave your belongings unattended and always make sure your hotel is safe and secure before deciding to stay somewhere. If you take the extra precaution, you could prevent an unwanted break-in or hotel burglary.

Strauss Security Solutions wants to wish you and your family safe winter travels!

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