How to Select New Interior Door Hardware

Interior door hardware refers to anything used to operate a door. From hanging to opening and closing, interior door hardware has everything to do with your doors. This includes stops, hinges, doorknobs, locks, and more. Yet, many overlook a interior door hardware overhaul when looking to update their home. There are a number of different styles for a majority of interior door applications. You can find a number of different hardware styles to complement any interior decorating scheme.

When beginning to select new interior door hardware, here are some of the most important things to consider:


The most important aspect of selecting new interior door hardware is choosing how the door will operate or function. The way the door opens, the type of door used, and how heavy a door is are all things a homeowner must consider. Heavy doors may work better on pivots. Pocket doors require a special pocket door kit. Swinging doors need butt hinges. Choosing how you want your door to function will make things easier on you when selecting new interior door hardware.

Type of Lock

The next step is to determine the type of lock you desire and how you want the lock to function. You can choose either a mortise or cylindrical lock. If possible, you’ll want to choose a mortise lock, as they are more secure. Non-keyed locks are often used in interior door hardware, as security is not as much of a concern. Privacy locks are often used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Trim Options

From a stylistic perspective, choosing the right trim for your new interior door furnishing is vital. You can choose from doorknobs, handles, levers, and more. All these trim options will be available in options that will highlight your home’s décor. Don’t just focus on the look; make sure you select trim that you will be able to operate easily.

The Perfect Finish

While a standard chrome or brass finish is commonplace for new interior door furnishings, there are a number of other options available. After you select the color of your trim, you will want to decide if you want a polished or brushed finish. Polished finishes can be stylish, but tends to show fingerprints and scratched more than brushed finishes.

Look Mom-No Hands

In some areas of your home you may want to consider using a simple door pull instead of a lock. A door pull is simply a handle used to open the door instead of a doorknob. This type of door will not lock or latch allowing for hands free opening and closing. This type of door is often found in the kitchen.

More Finishing Options

The last step in selecting new interior door hardware is to select different stops and holders that provide functionality to your new hardware. Stops are used to prevent a door from crashing into the wall or the furniture. Installing a doorstop will ensure your new door doesn’t cause damage to your home. Holders are used to stop the door from closing and can be quite useful in certain situations.

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