How to Pick the Best Alarm System for Your Home

While it’s nice knowing crime has been on a steady decline in the United States recently, one break-in is all it takes to ruin your day, month, year, and even life. There is never a better time to beef up your home’s security measures than right now.

When looking into improving the security of your home, installing an alarm system is often considered. The confusing nature of installing an alarm can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be…

If installing an alarm system may be in your near future, read below for tips on selecting the best alarm system for your home:

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Have a Goal in Mind

Before contacting companies and moving forward in selecting the best alarm system for your home, you need to know your exact goal you hope to achieve by installing an alarm system. Once you know why you are installing an alarm system, you can then determine your budget.

Contact Several Different Companies

Next, you will want to contact several different companies in your area who specialize in alarm systems.  Find out what they offer, if their pricing is in your budget, and see if they offer free inspections.

You can find these companies through Google, references from friends, and local ads on TV and print. Be sure to check out Groupon occasionally as well for alarm system specials.

Pick 3-4 companies that fit what you are looking for and move forward with them.

Be Demanding

The alarm system installation business is competitive to say the least. Make sure you demand what you need. Ask for a complimentary inspection and demonstration. Next, make sure they deliver a quote to you in writing. Lastly, make sure you demand references and check them.

Get the Basics

To make sure your home is safe, you must install at least the basic alarm system. The basics of a home security system are:

  • Control Panel: Location where the system wiring ends and the backup battery is located.
  • Keypad: Where you arm and disarm your alarm system.
  • Siren: To alert you when an intruder has been detected. The siren also informs the intruder you are aware of his arrival.
  • Inside Motion Detector: Passive sensors created to detect human presence using infrared light.  Special Motion Detectors are available for pet-friendly families.
  • Central Monitoring Station: The most important part of your alarm system. Emergency signals will be electronically transmitted to the 24-hour monitoring station from your home. The CMS can contact police, fire or medics.

Additional Features are Optional

The basic features listed above should be included in every families alarm system, but many other features are available. These include, but are not limited to: alarm screens, closed-circuit TV, pressure mats, panic buttons, smoke detectors, and glass break detectors.

Depending on your situation, you may want to install additional features with your alarm system. Be weary of the price and the value each feature may provide you. 

Insurance Discount

Lastly, after your select and install a home alarm system you will want to contact your insurance company. Let them know what type of system you installed and find out about what discounts you can now take advantage of. If you contact your insurance agent before installing your system, you may be able to find out which systems provide the best discounts. A 20% discount on homeowners insurance is not unheard of!

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