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Alarms sounding, panic and chaos are the first thing people think of, and everyone wants to avoid it! But, you must test your systems to ensure they are in working order.

Testing your system is easy, but follow the steps. What’s the point in having a system if you’re not sure it’s working?

Here are the ways you can test your home security system and how often you should be thinking about it.

Schedule the testing with your family/room-mates/employees

To avoid panic or chaos, schedule the testing with anyone in the building or home. This allows them to alter their plans accordingly, and no one will panic thinking there is an emergency. I do not recommend alerting neighbors of the test, as this leaves you vulnerable to thieves and robberies during your testing time.

Frequency of Tests
The first alarms you should test are your fire alarms and smoke detectors. Three out of five deaths caused by fires are from properties without a working fire alarm.

Check the manufacturing date on the back of the smoke detector. These alarms have a ten-year lifespan.

Test each alarm once a month. It’s as easy as pushing the “test” button on your system.

Test every alarm. There should be one in each sleeping area, in kitchens, rooms with fireplaces and on every floor of the home.You know fire alarms and smoke detectors should be tested once a month, but what about the rest of your security system? Aside from regular tests, there are other times to investigate the status of the system.

How to Test Effectively
Work with Strauss Security to ensure you are properly educated on system testing. They’ll have the best knowledge and tips. These are the best practices on learning how to test:

Review the step-by-step process they give you, as it is usually time-sensitive once you’ve started the process.

Watch a provider-created video to give yourself clarity on what the process looks like.

Remember to test the individual components of the system, like window sensors, security cameras and the alarm

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