Home Security Myths to Avoid

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Legacy Blog Post, Strauss Security

Deciding whether you should install a home security system can be a difficult decision. What’s holding you back? The price? The complexity of the systems? Depending where you go, security systems can vary drastically. At Strauss Security Solutions, we believe our security systems are affordable and easy to use. Read on to learn about 3 common home security myths, and why you shouldn’t always believe them.

Home Security is Expensive
Strauss Security Systems are affordable and will in turn protect your home and all your belongings. If a burglar breaks into your home, just imagine the amount of items they could take. Usually burglars go for the expensive items in your home. Spending a few hundred dollars on a security system and installation could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. A security system is definitely worth the small investment!

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Home Security Systems are Hard to Use
Today’s advancements in technology has allowed security systems to become easier to use. Wireless security systems, like our Lynx Touch Residential Security System allows you to control your thermostats, garage doors, locks, and lighting from a large easy-to-read touchscreen. With two-way voice capability and emergency alerts you can communicate with different rooms in your house or be notified of emergencies from any room in your house.

Security Systems Will Always Protect Me
Just because you have a home security system doesn’t mean you are 100% protected. Experienced burglars know how to disable even the most secure home security systems or enter your home without setting off the alarm. In order to make sure your home is secure at all times, always double check that your alarm is armed at night and whenever your home is vacant. Do routine tests of your alarm to make sure it is working the way it should and contact Strauss Security Solutions if you experience any issues with your system.

Central Iowa Security
At Strauss, we pride ourselves on helping Iowans protect their home. We offer free estimates and will install or service your security system anywhere in Iowa including Des Moines, Urbandale, Johnston, Clive, Waukee, Ankeny, Norwalk, and West Des Moines. Contact us today to learn more about our security cameras, security systems, residential door hardware, safes, or keypad locks.

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