Home Security From Your Mobile Device

ZWave smartphone-controlled home security system

What are some of the things you never leave home without? Your wallet, keys, and cell phone are likely the top three things on the list. Cell phones have come a long way since they were first invented in 1973. Though we still use them for talking, most of our smartphone usage is spent doing other things such as using apps or streaming videos. Earlier this year, internet analyst Mary Meeker did a study that revealed we average 151 minutes per day on our phones in the United States. At Strauss Security Solutions we realize how often you use your phone which is why we offer total connect mobile services. With total connect mobile services, you can access your security system from anywhere, anytime by simply using your smartphone.

More About Total Connect Mobile Services

Total connect mobile services lets you manage your home security system from your mobile smartphone. You have access to control a variety of things such as your lights, garage door openers, alarm systems, and more. Have you ever left for a weekend away and realized you accidentally left your lights on? Use your total connect mobile services to fix that problem. Maybe your new babysitter accidentally triggered your alarm system. No need to cut date night short, simply deactivate the alarm from your phone. If you’re interested in learning more about our total connect mobile services contact us today to see a demonstration. Another great product we offer is the Z-Wave System.

Strauss Security Solutions & the Z-Wave System

Something else we offer at Strauss is the Z-Wave System. The Z-Wave system lets you control almost any device in your home using your smartphone, tablet, or pc. One of the great things about the Z-Wave is that it can save you so much time. You’ll probably find yourself wondering how you managed to do everything without it! The Z-Wave is automatically equipped to assist you with your:

  • Controller
  • Lights
  • Thermostat
  • Door Locks
  • Scenes

If you’re interested in doing more for your home you can also add:

  • Window Shades
  • Remote Controls
  • TV
  • Sensors
  • Water Valves
  • Fans

Energy savings is another great benefit that the Z-Wave has to offer your home. Try using intelligent dimming, you can save your lighting energy by anywhere from 25-40% not only benefitting your utility bill but the environment as well. Regulating your thermostat can also save you some energy and immediate money. With the cooler weather here, you can keep your thermostat lower during the day and have it turned up when you leave for work ensuring your home will be the perfect temperature when you get there. Shut down mode is also a way to save energy. With shut down mode you can have your chargers, computer, A/V equipment, and more turned off with the touch of a button!

The Z-Wave can also help your home with your home security. As you already know, we are all about having a secure home here at Strauss Security Solutions. The Z-Wave is equipped to work with almost 1000 different products. You can build and expand your home security based on your specific needs. You can even sync different features together. For example, if your motion detector goes off a light can automatically get turned on. The light turning on can trigger a security camera to turn on. The camera can send a message to your smartphone or tablet so you can access the video showing what is going on in your home. Pretty cool, right?

Using our Total Connect Mobile Services and products like the Z-Wave is the future in home security. With these services being so easily available, it only makes sense for you to jump on board. Contact us today at Strauss Security Solutions to see the difference we can make in your home today.

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