Home Security Cameras For The New Year

Outdoor home security camera from Strauss

It’s a new year, and new year’s resolutions are in full swing. Common resolutions include working out more, eating healthier, spending more time with family, quitting smoking, and volunteering. What resolutions are you making this year? Maybe you should consider making this year the year you add extra security to your home. While we have many ways you can do this at Strauss Security Solutions, an easy way to add extra security is by putting in home security cameras.

Choose The Right Home Security Camera For You

We have a wide variety of home security cameras including analog, network, dvr/nvr, indoor, outdoor, pan tilt zoom, and remote video viewing. Our cameras give you the best home protection possible. Whether you simply want one camera faced at your front door or multiple pan tilt zoom cameras to scan every inch of your home, Strauss Security Solutions can help. Choosing the right security camera for your home depends on your specific needs, below is a summary of the types of cameras we carry so you can select the perfect type for you.

Analog & Network Cameras

Analog cameras are great for people who want to have access to their video feed from any computer. They connect to the cameras DVR through a standard cable and with an internet connection you can view remote video access. You can look at previously recorded videos as well as your live feed. Analog cameras also allow you to view video feeds right next to each other so you can check out multiple areas of your home at one time.

Network cameras are ideal for people who are looking to convert their images to digital images. Your video gets compressed then broadcasted over an ethernet cable via an IP connection. They allow you to be able to zoom or multiply an image and can provide you with an HD picture. Contact one of our professionals here at Strauss Security Solutions to discuss whether an analog or network camera is right for you.


We offer a variety of Digital Video Recording (DVR) devices for your home security. You can use a DVR to handle one, four, eight, or sixteen cameras connected to it. They have different sizes of hard drives that can store days of videos, which is helpful if you need to review video from hours, days, or even weeks ago. DVRs can be accessed over the internet or with an app on your smartphone. DVRs are perfect for people who want to view their security footage at a later date.

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

When it comes to indoor and outdoor cameras, we have you covered. Choose from a standard dome camera or bullet camera. The standard dome camera gives your video a clean, professional look and won’t look intrusive to your home or guests. Select the bullet style camera if you’re looking for something that provides great video quality in low light or no light situations. With help of a DVR you can playback your videos on your computer or smartphone. All of our outdoor cameras are made to survive any type of weather that Iowa may throw at us. Utilizing these cameras allow you to view what’s going on both inside and outside your home when you’re not there.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, also known as PTZ cameras, are a great choice if you’re looking for high level security cameras. They allow you to scan around a room or the outside of your home from wherever you are. PTZ cameras let you be in control of what exactly you’re seeing. You can observe what’s happening right outside your front door from the convenience of your couch.

Remote Video Viewing

Our remote video viewing services allow you the ability to view footage from your security cameras from any mobile device. What’s great about remote video viewing is you can watch it wherever you are. Whether you are sitting in your office two miles from your home or on vacation two hundred miles from your home, remote video viewing allows you to check in on things. It’s a great option if you are looking to access your video surveillance from anywhere.

Home Security Cameras From Strauss Security Solutions

With so many security camera options, you are bound to find the perfect one to fit your needs. We are happy to help you select the right camera for your Des Moines, Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, Norwalk, Indianola, or West Des Moines home. Contact Strauss Security Solutions today or stop by our showroom to see how adding security cameras can improve your home.

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