Four Tips for Choosing a Reputable Locksmith in the Des Moines Metro

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Getting locked out of your house, office, or car is one of those things you may think will never happen to you. But you never know when your keys might slip out of your pocket or handbag, or when you accidentally leave your keys in the coat you wore the previous day. The truth is, getting locked out can happen to anyone, and unfortunately there are some locksmith scams seeking to take advantage of people in a vulnerable situation. That’s why the locksmiths and security experts at Strauss Security Solutions want to let you know what to look out for when choosing a locksmith.

The simplest and most convenient thing to do when you get locked out of your home is to call a family member or friend with a spare key to let you in. This solution is not always available, however, which is why the following tips will help you select a reputable locksmith who can get you safely back in your house without having to pay for overpriced locksmith services.

Research Local Locksmiths Before You Need One

Prepare for any potential lockouts before they occur by researching locksmiths in the Des Moines area. Once you find one or two you are comfortable working with, save their contact information in your phone. Look at the company’s website and any online reviews, and be wary of newly established companies or generic names. Many locksmith scams will use vague names such as “Locksmith Company,” or change the company name frequently to divert attention from their poor customer service record.

It’s also important to make sure a locksmith company has an address and not just a P.O. box. While there are some reputable mobile locksmith companies, many scam artists do not have a storefront address. Other locksmithing scams will use a fake local address and connect your phone call to a call center many miles away, so be sure to verify the legitimacy of the address. And don’t hesitate to call the company while you’re researching to ask questions. Reputable locksmiths are happy to assist customers at any time and not just when they’re locked out of the house.

Strauss Security Solutions is a locally-owned, established locksmith company, serving the Des Moines area for over 85 years. We also offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services for Central Iowa communities, including Ankeny, Indianola, Johnston, Norwalk, Urbandale, Waukee, and West Des Moines. Strauss Security Solutions also operates out of a brick-and-mortar facility located on 121st Street in Urbandale, Iowa. Give us a call and ask about our locksmith services!

Verify the Locksmith Company Is Insured

It is important to verify the locksmith company is insured just in case any damages occur to your property during a service call. Dishonest locksmiths will not have insurance to cover property damages, and you will have to pay for repairs on top of the locksmith charges. While the state of Iowa does not currently require locksmiths to be licensed, feel free to ask a locksmith company if they are licensed, bonded, and insured to better protect your home and your assets.

Confirm Estimates and Pricing

A definite locksmith quote might not be possible over the phone since prices typically vary by brand and lock type, but it’s a good idea to get a baseline price upfront, including any potential replacement parts and labor costs. Ask about additional fees, since some companies charge extra for mileage or responding to a call in the middle of the night while others charge a minimum fee for a service call. When the locksmith arrives, verify the price again. If the locksmith provides a price that isn’t similar to the one you discussed on the phone, do not allow work to be done. And never sign a blank document authorizing work.

Be Wary of Drilling

Locksmithing is a very specialized skill, one that requires significant education and training, and some locksmiths performing service calls are not as qualified as they should be. The locksmiths at Strauss Security Solutions use drilling only as a last resort, so if the locksmith at another company wants to immediately drill without attempting to pick the lock first, call Strauss. Drilling will render your lock unusable, forcing you to pay for a new lock and installation costs on top of the locksmith service. If drilling is necessary, be sure to ask the locksmith why the lock must be drilled. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, call the locksmiths at Strauss Security Solutions.


Hopefully you never get locked out of your home or office, but with some preparation and a trusted locksmith company like Strauss Security Solutions, the inconvenience and stress will be minimized. Since we’re located in Urbandale, our service area for emergency locksmiths is restricted to the Des Moines Metro area, but our other products and services extend to the rest of Iowa. The professional locksmiths at Strauss specialize in residential and commercial services, so be sure to give us a call and ask about our locksmith services today!

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