Forget to Close the Garage Door? Get a Tilt Sensor

Garage Tilt Sensor from Strauss reminds you to close the garage door

Your garage door is big and hard to forget to close. But when you do forget, there’s a chance all those valuable tools, bikes, skis, and whatever else that isn’t bolted down, won’t be there by the time you realize you forgot to close it. The Tilt Sensor lets you know if the garage door is opened or closed without getting out of bed and stumbling downstairs in the middle of the night.

Whenever the sensor detects tilt movement, a notification is transmitted to the control panel, informing end users when their garage doors or tilt windows are opened or closed. When used with Honeywell Total Connect, users can check status and receive e-mail alerts or text messages on their smartphones, tablets or other compatible wireless mobile devices.

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