Eliminate Security Worries

Brivo Online Access Control Systems bring you powerful security features and simple, centralized administration tools while maximizing your access control investment.

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Powerful Security

Advanced administrative and monitoring features instantly inform you of security incidents. Unsurpassed scalability lets you easily extend your system to thousands of doors. Plus, your system is built on a secure IT infrastructure, your data is stored at professionally managed hosting centers, and your administrative tools are delivered through secure network communications.

Integrated Video

Brivo OVR WebService (Online Video Recorder) combines the power of Brivo OnAir with central video storage to bring you a breakthrough in hosted access control.  With OVR, Brivo OnAir customers can view live or event-related video of your facilities through a single, centrally managed Brivo OnAir account — at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware DVRs.

Low Ownership Cost

Brivo OnAir is proven to lower the Total Cost of Ownership for access control. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps your organization realize significant cost savings by reducing up-front computer hardware purchases and lowering operating expenses such as IT staff time, electrical/cooling, rack space and telecom costs.

Access Anywhere

Whether you have one door or thousands of doors across the globe, our “Access Anywhere” approach lets you grant access, print badges, open doors, set schedules and see who’s in your building through a single web-based administrative interface. And rest assured this simple user interface is built on the industry’s most secure access control infrastructure.

Simple to Use

Ease of administration is essential to managing your security system effectively. That’s why all Brivo products are delivered through a web-based administrative interface – easily accessed using a web browser with no additional software required. Plus, our clean user interface is so easy to use, even new administrators can immediately navigate and find tools – without a training manual.

Eliminate Security Worries

Brivo Online Access Control provides real-time monitoring and administration of your security system. With instant incident notifications, integrated video and unsurpassed scalability you can easily manage access control across your enterprise.

And every component of your access control system is backed by industry-leading security features. Our Brivo OnAir application is built on a secure IT infrastructure. Your data is stored at redundant hosting centers and managed by IT security professionals and administrative tools are delivered to you through secure network communications.

Whether you manage one facility or thousands, you can rest assured that your business is protected and that your data is secure.

System Security

  • Real-time incident information is delivered via email, phone, or pager and a digital record of each facility’s system activity is updated in real-time.
  • Facility lockdown capability lets you remove access privileges for any group in the system instantly.
  • A digital audit trail ensures accountability with real-time logs and system data, as well as customized reports.
  • Brivo OVR WebService (Online Video Recorder) provides Brivo OnAir customers live or event-related video of facilities through a single, centrally managed Brivo OnAir account.
  • Scalability lets you extend access control from one door to thousands of doors, no matter where they are located.


Infrastructure Security

  • 24×7 hosting centers are guarded with strict physical access controls and backed by redundant power sources.
  • Multiple layers of Internet server security are used to ensure information confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Application software and data is managed by IT security professionals at our hosting centers.
  • Data is encrypted using 128-bit SSL as it leaves and enters Brivo servers to prevent unauthorized interception.
  • Web-based administrative control is protected by logon/password pairs through secure data transfer.

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