Master Keys

Improve your Des Moines office security with master keys

Looking to make your day at the office a little more efficient? Instead of carrying around separate keys that grant access to various parts of your office building, try a master key system from Strauss Security Solutions. We can install a custom designed master key system in your building to make travelling from room to room easier. Master keys allow you to have more control over who enters your business and what parts of the business they have access to, giving you the best office security possible. With a master key, the keyholder can unlock as many doors as they are granted access to. You can get into the front door, the storage room door, and your office door while one of your employees may still only have access to the front door with their key.

Master key systems are great for any size of business and take very little time for Strauss to create and install the key systems. Choose between a simple or complex key system. We can provide you with all of the options to help you decide if a master key system will fit your offices security needs.

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