Exit Devices

Exit Devices For Commercial Doors From Strauss

Exit devices are very useful for heavy doors. They are designed to be installed on the secure side of outswinging doors and help distribute the weight of the door allowing them to be pushed open more easily. With an exit device, your door can remain closed when not in use because the bar or button must be pushed to release the latch. Some exit devices only allow one way access, prohibiting people from getting back into the building once they have left unless they have the proper key. This is convenient for businesses that close after specific hours. You can let your customer leave the building on their own but they won’t be able to get back in unless someone lets them in from the inside or the door gets unlocked. Exit devices are easy for us to install and can often be re-keyed without having to remove the entire device.

Equip your exit device with a panic alarm if you would like an alarm to sound when someone leaves that door. This feature is particularly useful for large buildings with security guards, the guards will be notified of the exit immediately and an alarm sound and signal can be sent to their security center. Panic alarms are also great options for businesses that have doors that should only be used for emergency purposes. They can be useful in hospitals, schools, prisons, movie theaters, airports, and so on. Strauss Security Solutions can install a panic alarm for your business today.

Most of our exit devices are ADA approved, see our full list of ADA approved products.

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