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CyberLock High Security Locks

CyberLocks allow you to replace all of your businesses building keys with just one CyberLock key. CyberLock offers a high security lock system that uses a uniquely designed electronic key that can be programmed to open as many doors as the key holder would like access to. What makes CyberLock such a high security key system? The keys cannot be copied and the locks cannot be opened by unauthorized keys.

The CyberLock High Security Lock System keeps track of everything that occurs with your companies locked doors. View an access report through CyberAudit-Web software to find out how often your doors are being opened. Not only does the software track who opens the door, but it also tracks what action they tried to perform, if the action was granted or denied, and the date and time of the action.


Medeco High Security Locks Des Moines

Medeco High Security Locks

Strauss Security Solutions is a registered Medeco Security Center. We are factory certified by Medeco which allows us to be able to install Medeco High Security Locks. Medeco locks are created so they cannot be picked or manipulated. The only people who can duplicate Medeco keys are registered employees, which lets you control who has the authorization to make duplications.

Select a Medeco High Security Lock if you are looking for a lock that can help guard your most confidential and valuable information, products, and equipment.

Medeco High Security Locks Des Moines - Des Moines Office Security


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